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The Good Fight 2×02 – Day 415

"How do you save a lawyer from drowning? You take your foot off his head."


I’m so intrigued by The Good Fight‘s willingness to proceed with the whole lawyers-getting-murdered narrative. It’s so delightfully twisted and dark, and it casts such an ominous shadow over the entire show.

So is the whole Ponzi scandal over? Although Henry’s arrest was a bit too abrupt for my taste, it definitely feels like it’s time to put an end to this storyline. Poor Rose Leslie has barely had the opportunity to play an actual lawyer; she’s been saddled with having to continuously react to the scandal from the start. Even the Amy reveal as a “surprise witness” fell flat, since the show never really devoted any time to exploring Maia’s home-life. Imagine how much more impactful it would have been had we been truly invested in the couple’s relationship (I honestly had forgotten they were still together). Time for a fresh start – one that’s free of Henry Rindell and all this drama.

Now let’s take a moment and praise Audra McDonald for her astounding turn as Liz Reddick. Liz is equal parts lovable and cunning, and she’s been a stellar addition to the cast (I definitely don’t feel Barbara’s absence). In addition, her dynamic with Diane is wonderfully layered, effectively reminding me of Diane and Alicia’s friendship on The Good Wife (and even Alicia and Kalinda’s relationship). I so hope the show doesn’t pit the ladies against one another, but even that would be captivating with such great performers.

Bits & Cases

– Love how resourceful Liz is. As soon as she hears about a big hotshot getting killed, she’s ready to swoop in and win him as a client.

– Everything about Liz feeding Diane information about the case was gripping. From hinting at a surprise witness to drawing YOU on her desk. Too good.

– I will never ever get tired of Denis O’Hare as Judge Abernathy. He was hilarious on the parent show and he’s hilarious now. Notice how he makes Colin and Lucca shake hands? And the Trump stuff was on-point.

– Lucca asking Colin if he’s “fucking” his colleague was really brazen. I love her.

– The teacher who used to solicit expensive gifts and trips from her students’ parents was something else. Dayum!

– Audra McDonald actually played Liz Lawrence on The Good Wife all the way back in 2013 for one episode. Check out my pretty basic review here.

– So when will Diane use that gun? #Foreshadowing.

– Liz is on the warpath against the DA thanks to her firing her over the tweet. Interesting. More drinks with Liz & Diane please!

– Diane tells Liz the phrase “dark knight of the soul”. I googled it and it refers to some sort of spiritual/existential crisis. Sounds about right.

– I know I say this every week but I truly love everything about Marissa. The way she played Rosalie’s sister in the park while eating her dessert was masterful.

–  How clever is Lucca using Abernathy’s own useless non-profit to prove her point? Blew my mind!

– Liz tells Boseman that he might need to make Diane a partner so she doesn’t quit. Hmm…

– I so wish we could have seen Diane’s conversation with Lenor (which she managed thanks to a guard owing her a favor).

– Maia mouths off I love you to her mom. It’s really sweet, especially after her momma didn’t throw her under the bus.

– How despicable is Maia’s dad? And is the little Rindell off the hook since she let everyone listen in on the phone-call?

Good Lines

Maia: Fight the continuance.
Lucca: Why? We’re not ready.
Maia: They’re not readier.

Liz: I know how the other side works and how they think. I know what their pressure points are. I know how to fuck with them.

An excellent follow-up to last week’s fantastic season premiere. 

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