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Black Lightning 1×08 – The Book of Revelations

“Whoa, you call him on that? I mean, was carrying a tin can attached to a string too bulky?”

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Wasn’t that just fantastic?

I had some concerns after the writers killed off Lady Eve very abruptly last week and revealed a ghost version of LaWanda, but it turns out those concerns were unwarranted because The Book of Revelations proves to be a highly amusing follow-up. It brilliantly brings Jefferson and Anissa closer than ever, and whether they’re training, discussing their super-heroic hijinks or trying to clear Black Lightning’s name, the dynamic between the father and daughter is incredible. It’s worth repeating that Cress Williams is doing some very impressive work leading this show, but the women of Black Lightning are just as superb.

This brings us to Lynn Pierce. The fact that the only woman without any superpowers is the most badass character on this show speaks volumes of the amazing work Christine Adams is doing. Her relentless investigation into her missing files leads her to the big reveal that the vaccine that arrived in Freeland 30 years ago also coincides with the time Gambi moved into the city. Her confrontation with him later is the most riveting part of the hour, and just as I mentioned a few weeks back, their relationship is beautifully complex and layered. Let’s hope that the Jefferson/Gambi rift doesn’t mean less Lynn/Gambi screen-time.

Finally, the writers prove they are not wasting any time as they introduce Jennifer’s powers this week, just a couple of episodes after establishing her sister’s powers. This is another exciting storyline ripe with potential, and I’m confident China Anne McClain is more than up to the task. Now, how long until we see all three Pierce members kicking ass side by side?

Lightning Bits

– Loved every second of the cold open with Jefferson and Anissa training together. Jefferson’s kick just before we cut to the main titles is icing on the cake.

– So are Jennifer’s powers triggered by fear? Hmmm.

– Still not sure what to make of LaLa coming back and seeing LaWanda everywhere he goes, but I sure don’t see the point of their quick make-out session in the shower.

– How refreshing to see someone sneak into a morgue at night and not get caught.

– How did the cop not hear Jefferson and Anissa speaking loudly in the woods?

– Gambi’s real name is Peter Esposito and he worked for an organization called ASA that now wants to kill Black Lightning. Interesting.

– You might recognize Martin from Scandal where he played the extremely unlikable Hollis Doyle. Is it just me or is Gregg Henry always cast as the bad guy?

– Another refreshing twist: Jennifer immediately tells Anissa about her powers instead of needlessly dragging this secret out for a few episodes.

Freeland Quips

Anissa: Black people die in the woods.
Jefferson: Yes, in horror movies. But only after the monster kills the white nerd, and we don’t have one of those, so you’re good.

Gambi: Do you believe it’s true? That the good Lord delivers us from our troubles?
Mrs. Johnson: Yes, I do. He expects us to do our part, but I believe He’s there to help us over the finish line. Though sometimes, what we want and what we need are not the same thing.

Jefferson: I guess we can be grateful for the second rule of high-profile assassinations: always kill the killer.

Anissa: Okay, I’ve finally realized the most important part of a stakeout.
Jefferson: Go to the bathroom first?

Thanks to exciting new developments and a whole lot of fun, Revelations proves to be one of the show’s strongest episodes yet.

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