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911 1×09 – Trapped

“Most people, if they were dealing with the stuff you have to deal with every single day, they would see it as a cage. But you don't. You find a way to break free.”


This show’s success relies on how well it can balance out the victims of the week with some serialized storytelling. Much like Grey’s Anatomy and primetime soaps that follow the same formula, not every case is going to be memorable.

To be fair, Trapped tries to impress by promising intense, life-and-death situations for the victims and first responders alike. Whether it’s the man stuck in a garbage chute in the episode’s opening moments, Buck getting stuck in a crashed elevator or a house hoarded with booby traps, nothing about the cases in this week’s unsubtly titled episode is typical. However, what’s disappointing is how quickly the show wants to resolve these situations and move on to the next victim by the next scene. Kind of underwhelming, isn’t it?

Luckily, 911 knows that its biggest asset is the incredible cast. Angela Bassett proves with every passing episode that she is a tour de force, this time in a goosebumps-worthy speech about starting over a new leaf after being with a man she’s known for years. Similarly, although I’d been unimpressed with the custody battle storyline Hen is saddled with, there’s no denying Aisha Hinds gives a top-notch performance this week as she promises her ex-wife that she won’t give up on her kid. Let’s hope this is wrapped up in a satisfying matter on next week’s finale.

Finally, I’d be remiss not to mention that gut-wrenching ending. Abby’s mother has been a ticking time bomb since she was first introduced in the pilot, so it was only a matter of time before she passed, and yet watching Abby wake up and find her lying breathless like that was still shocking and a huge gut punch. It’s no secret that Connie Britton’s screams and cries will haunt me in my dreams for days now. Incredible.

Emergency Bits

– Athena getting herself and Aaron handcuffed to the bed and having to call Hen for help is absolutely hysterical! We need more fun Athena, please!

– How heartbreaking is the old blind man who wanted to find his brother before leaving the house?

– Speaking of that subplot, did it remind anyone else of the guy from October Road who never left his house for five years?

– Being a huge Die Hard fan myself, I am just as appalled as Chimney by Buck not getting the reference he made.

– Heavy-handed montage at the end as we take a quick glance at the lives of the weekly victims post-emergency with Abby’s cringe-worthy voiceover in the background.

– I’m hoping for a lot of carnage and twists in next week’s finale.


Athena: I just got out of a 14-year marriage to a guy I thought I knew. I’m figuring out how to be single at 50. I’m not looking to jump into another relationship. I want sex with no strings. I don’t need dinners or weekend getaways. I got married because my biological clock was ticking. I stayed married for the kids. I’m getting divorced for myself. I’m not ready for this. And you? You are too good to be somebody’s rebound guy.
Aaron: Okay. I assume you’re not gonna stay the night then?
Athena: Well, that depends on how good the duck is.

(after seeing the hot air balloon)
Abby: Whoa, are you kidding me?
Buck: Ever been up in one?
Abby: Uh, no, but I’ve answered a few calls from ones that have crashed.

Must-Download Tune
I of the Storm – Of Monsters and Men

Another week of fantastic performances elevate an otherwise typical episode of 911.

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