Nad’s Reviews is Hiring a Social Media Specialist

Looking for a driven and experienced social media specialist. Applicant must be a passionate TV series fan (the more shows you bingewatch, the better), and must have the technical expertise needed to leverage each social media platform in creative ways to increase traffic to Nad’s Reviews. 


  • Develop Nad’s creative ideas into a comprehensive online strategy, and implement it from A to Z
  • Work closely with Nad to generate, edit, and publish high-quality content that engages users on a regular basis
  • Create a posting schedule to ensure consistency
  • Promote content through boosting (social media ads) by targeting the right consumers
  • Evaluate Nad’s Reviews‘ social media platforms on a monthly basis, and provide statistical feedback
  • Keep a lookout for the latest social media trends and innovations, and guide Nad where/when applicable
  • Continuously update the social media strategy where/when applicable, to adapt to the rapidly changing behaviors of online consumers
  • Doesn’t matter where you work from as long as you get the job done! We’ll be communicating 85% of the time virtually, and 15% of the time on-ground when needed.


  • Knowledge of a wide variety of TV series
  • Proven working experience in social media marketing or as a digital media specialist
  • Excellent writing skills (I’m a copywriter myself so I’m predictably picky here)
  • Basic knowledge of Google Ads. SEO is a plus
  • Basic knowledge of graphic design tools would be ideal
  • Excellent knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn
  • Demonstrable knowledge of social analytical tools
  • BS in Communications, Marketing, Business, New Media or Public Relations is a plus

To apply: email nadim@nadsreviews.com


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