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The Good Fight 2×03 – Day 422

"Saving the world one box of baking soda at a time."

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Watching The Good Fight is such an elegant experience. Much like its parent show, every episode is packed with clever writing and stellar performances.

I knew Day 422 was off to a good start when I saw Andrea Stevens. Christine Lahti was always brilliant on The Good Wife, and her Andrea Stevens is just as delightfully cunning here. Watching her butt heads with Diane, Boseman, and Liz is a joy to behold, as she provides just the right dose of antagonistic energy for our characters to contend with. Plus watching her scurry away at the end with her tail between her legs is worth the price of admission alone. So darn satisfying.

Day 422 is also immensely suspenseful with the whole Ricin scare. Although it ultimately turns out to be a baking soda prank, the narrative is packed with tension as Marissa and Maia freeze after coming in contact with the powder and Jay begins evacuating the building. The intriguing aspect here is that the show never loses sight of its characters throughout the ordeal. Marissa is still as witty as ever, and the script even manages to introduce some sexual tension with Drew (the CDC agent) in the midst of this crisis. It’s about time Marissa gets a love interest so I’m all for this (and so is little Gold as evidenced by that elevator hookup).

Diane’s journey has been fascinating to watch this season. I know we’ve only just begun, but everything from seeing her struggle with mortality with the incessant death threats to her microdosing has been so captivating. You can tell that Christine Baranski is having a ball with this meaty new material (I love how she calls this phase “insensitivity”). The episode’s ending is particularly perfect with a barefoot Diane strutting into Liz’s office and spouting off “fuck you” with a great big smile. I mentioned last week that I loved the dynamic between Diane and Liz, and I was hoping the writers wouldn’t pit them against one another. Guess that’s the route they’re going for, but I can’t say I’m not excited as both ladies are wonderfully realized (even though we’ve only known Liz for a few weeks).

Bits & Cases

– Judge Brickner throwing the files on the ground as all the lawyers duck at the sound of a gunshot was hilarious. Can we see this judge again? He’s already got a ton of personality. Notice how he’s a fan of Chicago Penthouse, and smugly berates Diane about her lack of smiling.

– It’s a small character moment but Lucca knows exactly what to do during the Ricin scare and basically saves Maia and Marissa with those wet towels. I couldn’t love her more.

– Liz’s husband is the police chief who arrives at the scene. Interesting coincidence.

– Adorable moment: Marissa wanting to sneeze and Maia telling her to press her tongue against her front teeth. Does that really work? Try and let me know!

– Hysterical detail: the perpetrator spelled “lieu” as “loo”.

–  Liz her offering to take over Diane’s role in the depo was super sneaky.

–  I need a GIF of Marissa doing the mic drop asap.

– Very amusing bar scene with Drew joining the ladies and Marissa getting Maia to reveal that she’s gay.

– Is that the same bartender who got Diane to microdose? Yup! (I imdb-ed him). Interesting move on the writers’ part.

– Melanie telling Blake that he became “one of those guys” was super timely with the #MeToo movement over the past few months.

– Diane’s maniacal laughter after the judge’s “smile” comment was just insane. I half-thought he was going to throw her into jail.

– I was sure Liz was the one behind the Ricin scare so Jay’s discovery of a depressed and overworked employee caught me my surprise.

– The most disturbing thing I’ve seen all year: the security camera footage of the sleazy producer dragging a passed out Melanie to be raped.

– For all your Good Wife fans, yup the searching engine that Diane is using is none other than Chum-Hum.

– So I’m guessing the pot bellied pig thing is the result of Diane’s microdosing?

– The Trump tax dig was hilarious.

Good Lines

Drew: That a good fit?
Marissa: Perfect. Can I keep it?
Drew: Sure. No Darth Vader impressions, though.
Marissa: Damn.

Another week, another stellar hour of The Good Fight. This show never disappoints.

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