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Grey’s Anatomy 14×16 – Caught Somewhere in Time

"I want you to have love. I just don't want it to cost me mine."


Grey’s Anatomy is going through one of those phases.

After 14 seasons, I’ve gotten used to the fact that sometimes, the medical drama goes through a a bit of a rough patch. Last week’s hour was pretty unmemorable, and You Really Got A Hold On Me was especially dull. Sadly, Caught Somewhere In Time is more of the same.

I don’t like it when Ellen Pompeo doesn’t receive much screen-time. Meredith Grey, the show’s lead, was barely on screen this week, and I definitely didn’t buy how easily Jo was able to convince her to stay in the contest. It felt like Jo went ahead and experienced her subplot, learned a lesson, and then came back and relayed it to Mer. It was far too formulaic and forced; Grey’s is usually much more subtle than this.

Honestly my favorite part of the hour was Arizona. That’s actually pretty sad seeing as how Jessica Capshaw is leaving the show at the end of the season, but her dynamic with Sofia was extremely touching. Everything from diagnosing the laughing kid with an inoperable seizure to her “grateful” moment with her daughter was on point. Her arc had a a lot of heart, and a good amount of suspense with a strange medical condition. Don’t leave Capshaw!

Finally, Kim Raver is coming back to the show as Amelia just sent Owen to profess his love to Teddy. I’ve been waiting for this development for YEARS so I’m just ecstatic. Please Grey’s, bring back Kim Raver full time. Her special brand of charisma would do the show wonders on a weekly basis next season.

Bits & Scalpels

– Yup, Bailey’s astronaut patient is none other than Just Shoot Me‘s very own Laura San Giacomo. I’m so amused by the fact that her co-star Wendi Mallick was on This Is Usfinale. Is the cast coming back for a reboot? (Yes I’m looking at you Will & Grace).

– I was so uninterested in April and the trauma simulation. Unlike Amelia, I’m definitely ready for the character to leave the show.

– Jackson’s best moment in YEARS: when he notices that Richard is being cold with Catherine, he tells her to take Maggie’s side if they ever break up. It’s just uber sweet.

– Hilarious name options for Bailey’s innovation: Anal Glide, Wormhole, Ass Gasket, and Fanny Spanner. Thankfully she settled on The Trailblazer (love it!).

– I was sure Maggie would walk in when April desperately kissed Jackson. Thank god that didn’t happen because it would have been far too contrived.

– So Amelia will use an 8-year old as her guinea pig for the content. It’s a terrifying thought but here’s hoping he survives.

Grey Banter

Jackson: I don’t have time for that. I got a vagina to build. My vaginoplasty for the contest. That surgery’s today with my mom and Richard.
Maggie: Wow. Some families do puzzles.

Bailey: Kersey, well, it is an honor to meet you and a privilege to treat you.
Joe: Are you rhyming on purpose?

Jackson: You ready? Anything, uh, bothering you?
Catherine: I haven’t said a word.
Jackson: You don’t have to. Your face did.
Catherine: My face isn’t saying anything. Richard, is my face saying something? Richard: It’s like reading Hemingway, dear.

Must-Download Tunes
Keep Me in Mind by CAPE CUB
Atlas: Three by SLEEPING AT LAST

Nothing special about this one, but it’s still Grey’s and it’s still very watchable. Nevertheless, we all know the show can do better than this forgettable hour.

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