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The Good Fight 2×04 – Day 429

"I once spent a long weekend in prison, and it was not pleasant, believe you me. No, wait, that was Niagara Falls. Yeah, that's right. My honeymoon."


I honestly don’t think The Good Fight is even capable of producing a weak episode. Every single installment is just so wonderfully rich and captivating.

This week’s template is a particular success, as the same events unfold through two different perspectives: “Liz’s Case” and “Lucca”s Case”. The Good Wife often experimented with “different” formats throughout its run, so I’m pleased to see this spinoff continue in that tradition.

It’s no secret that Elsbeth Tascioni is one of my favorite characters to ever grace The Good Wife/The Good Fight, so it was an absolute hoot to see her again. Carrie Preston just owns the role, and it’s always satisfying to see people underestimate her kooky ways only for her to gain the upper hand. Sometimes I wonder if she should join the show full time, but then I remember that these sparse appearances are what make her such a genuine delight (how great was it to hear her tell Diane that she thought she never liked her after all these years?)

Even though there’s a whole lot of tension between Liz and Diane, the writers are still devoted to making the former a multidimensional character which is definitely a great move. It would be easy to hate her for gossiping about Diane to Boseman, but she’s’ still someone who wants to do the right thing (as evidenced by her taking on the case of her son’s fired teacher). I love that, as always, there are no clear-cut heroes and villains here.

Day 429 also sees the introduction of Lucca’s brother Dominic. He starts out as a moocher, util we realize he’s doing some really inspirational work with inmates, only for him to drop everything in exchange for a whole lot of money. It’s not your typical happy ending (much like Liz’s teacher quitting at the end even after winning the case), but Michelle and Robert King have always thrived on these unorthodox resolutions.

Obviously Lucca’s pregnancy was written into the show thanks to Cush Jumbo’s real life pregnancy, but it’s a hell of a jawdropping twist. It’s the kind of development that flips all the show’s dynamics on their head, and I can’t wait to see how The Good Fight tackles this one (particularly since Colin has no idea).

And then there’s Diane. Her downward spiral has been mesmerizing to watch, and it culminated with a one-night stand with a hilarious bartender (whom I hope we’ll see more of) and then her almost-reveal to Kurt. In true TV fashion, Kurt says he’s done with the separation and Diane is left with a big ol’ secret to hide.I bet Christina Baranski is thrilled that she’s getting such meaty material to play with this season. There were many seasons on The Good Wife where she was saddled with being a background character (pun intended considering Elsbeth’s theory below), but not here!

Bits & Cases

–  A bunch of guest-stars from The Good Wife appeared this week: Mamie Gummer’s sneaky Nancy Crozier, arbitrator Geoffrey Solomon, and the “you’ve been served” dude.

– Very realistic touch with Liz’s bluetooth messing up her voice during the conference call. There’s another example of technology being a pain during Kurt and Diane’s video call. I liked the parallels.

– Nice touch with us assuming Lucca is being poached by a rival office, only to reveal that it’s actually the FBI giving her the number

– Hilarious Marissa investigating and pretending to be a racist mom at the school.

– The two tech guys, Jerry and Tom are back! Also, the former has a crush on Marissa!

– Wonderful moment with Diane finally giving Liz advice about Nancy (and how objections throw her off).

– Diane giving Elsbeth her necklace and belt was just insane.

– The wrong-floor shenanigans were just hysterical.

– Lucca’s phone cover and laptop cover are both purple. I found that detail very amusing.

– Notice that Elsbeth asks about the furniture being moved twice. Was that to show her obsessiveness?

– Elsbeth recording Carter’s secretary was just brilliant. And her Web MD example? Perfection!

– The bartender is right, Diane does have the best laugh ever.

– Notice that this is the second time Diane connects with a bartender. Hmm..

– The way Diane looks at herself in the mirror after the one night stand is just heartbreaking.

– Another revelation thanks to the dual perspectives: Lucca’s bonding with Liz’s son makes so much more sense after the discovery that she’s pregnant.

– Everyone is in the same elevator in the end. How awesome is that? But closing the door in Elsbeth’s face? Not so awesome.

– The final shot is perfect: Diane opens her mouth and starts to talk before we cut to black.

Good Lines

Diane: I say, fuck it.
Liz: You’ve been saying that a lot lately.
Diane: Making up for lost time.

Liz: You have any advice?
Diane: This is a thing you do, isn’t it? What is? You ask for advice in order to ingratiate yourself.
Liz: Your know, your “fuck it” mode is starting to feel more like “fuck you” mode.

Elsbeth: Ooh! What do you think they’re talking about?
Diane: I have no idea.
Elsbeth: It’s weird. We’re just the background characters to their story.
Diane: And they’re just the background characters to our story.
Elsbeth: (looking at the bartender) And we’re all just background characters to his story. He could be the hero, and we could be the villains of the story.
Diane: Or we’re the heroes, and he’s the villain.
Elsbeth: That’s what keeps us humble – Not knowing.
Diane: Or paranoid.

An intelligent and highly engrossing hour from The Good Fight. 

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