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Grey’s Anatomy 14×17 – One Day Like This

"Faith wouldn't be real faith if you only believe when things are good."


After last week’s dull hour, I’m excited to report that One Day Like This is one hell of a memorable episode. In fact, it’s one of the season’s most compelling outings.

Directed by Kevin McKidd (yup, Owen himself), One Day Like This is not your typical hour of Grey’s. It’s a somewhat quiet and introspective episode that prioritizes long conversations over bombastic plot twists and crazy hook-ups. Elisabeth Finch’s script is a change of pace for the show, but it’s one that suitably won me over by episode’s end.

McDreamy Part Two?

The scenes between Meredith and her new patient Nick Marsh are particularly odd at first. Their dialogue runs on for an extended amount of time, and yet, the foundations are there for a charming dynamic (it helps that Scott Speedman is truly excellent as the doctor-turned-patient). In fact, by the time Nick is being rushed to the OR, we’re completely invested in the duo’s relationship, and we’re heartbroken as Nick instructs Mer on how to care for his only daughter.

Shockingly enough, Nick survives, and Mer has a brand new love interest should the show choose to pursue it (I can’t help but remember Pompeo’s recent comments about the network insisting on a love interest for Meredith after McDreamy’s death). Thankfully, Grey’s sells that possibility beautifully, especially with a knockout final scene that cleverly flashes back to a shot from season two as a young, hopeful Meredith waits for Derek to enter Joe’s. It’s such a powerful visual – one that bookends the episode in stunning fashion.

Too Good To Be True

I’ve been rooting for Owen and Teddy to get together for a long time, so naturally the show made my wish come true… with destructive results. McKidd honestly outdid himself in the way he brought Owen and Teddy’s scenes to life. The various shots of the couple in bed, by the fireplace, by the window as it snowed etc… had a certain magical quality to them thanks to the impeccable staging and lighting. That ethereal quality made the eventual implosion of it all much more impactful. And really the fight between the two is harsh. There’s a whole lot of history there (notice how Teddy says Owen keeps jumping from one wife to the next, unable to survive alone), and hurtful digs (Owen brings up Henry!).

On the bright side, apparently Kim Raver is back on the show for a couple of episodes, so it looks like we’re not done with the storyline quite just yet. Whew.

A Crisis Of Faith

Is this hour Sarah Drew’s finest work yet? It very well might be, as I absolutely loved her scenes with Eli the rabbi. Played to perfection by Saul Rubinek, Eli is the force that finally pulls April out of rock bottom. I think we all pretty much hated Kepner when she blamed Bailey for Eli’s condition, but watching the Rabbi talk April out of her downward spiral during his final moments was just harrowing. I myself have struggled with the concept of life being unfair quite a bit (read this personal piece while you’re here), so I found Eli’s words to be poignantly well crafted. And the cherry on top? Kepner pretending to be his wife as he finally passed. Wow!

Bits & Scalpels

– Shared voiceovers. – we haven’t had those in a while.

– Did no one else want Bailey to fire April for being so aggressive and rude?

– Mer doesn’t like to fly. I wonder why. (Read my review of season eight’s Flight and Chris’ review of last season’s In The Air Tonight)

– I got FRIENDS flashbacks when Teddy uttered the words “You got on the plane” to Owen. Remember Ross and Rachel in the series finale? “I got off the plane.” Anyone else?

– The most uncomfortable moment of all time: Teddy asking Owen when he slept with Amelia and his response (“last night“). Cringe.

– I wondered if Owen’s snow revelation would convince Teddy, but nope… she still opened that door and kicked him out. Ouch.

– Love the scene with April and Bailey lighting the candle. But I really wanted April to verbally apologize for her actions. She’s lucky Bailey was feeling so guilty I guess.

– It’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, but notice how Alex grabs his beer and clinks his bottle with Meredith’s wine glass. I wonder if that was an impulsive thing that Justin did during filming. Sure feels like it.

– Seriously… that final shot? Goosebumps.

Grey Banter

Eli: And like I said, I’m not up on the sequel, but from what I hear, Jesus got a raw deal. Nobody in the Bible lived a life free of suffering or injustice, or it wouldn’t have been a best seller.

Alex: Long day?
Meredith: I saved a transplant surgeon today.
Alex: Mm.
Meredith: He was smart and funny.
Alex: And?
Meredith: Hot.
Alex: And, so what? He’s married?
Meredith: Nope.
Alex: Gay? Lives in a foreign country?
Meredith: Minnesota.
Alex: Same difference. So what’s the problem?
Meredith: No problem. He was just my patient.
Alex: So he’s smart, funny, and hot-
Meredith: and my patient. I really like the way my life is now. I just… he made me feel something that I haven’t felt since Derek.
Alex: But you’re his doctor. Is it really the worst thing in the world, knowing it’s out there if you want it?
Meredith: No, it’s not the worst thing.

Must-Download Tune



It’s different than your usual Grey’s episode, but it’s skillfully directed and tremendously affecting.

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  1. Loved this so much. I definitely felt the tonal changes in the script as well (the long conversations where characters suddenly cut each other off was unexpected) but after 14 years, I love that Grey’s Anatomy still tries new things.

    And it really is a truly heartbreaking hour from start to finish. April FINALLY becomes likable (hooray but too little too late?) and Teddy screaming at Owen gave me goosebumps! Those facial expressions when Owen mentions Amelia brought him to Germany and how it takes her a couple of moments before she implodes on him…so freakin’ amazing.

    THAT FINAL SHOT THOUGH. The sound of the door opening, Mer turning around, the red shirt…ooof. I never thought one shot can bring back so many tearjerking memories. Can this show please never end?

    Also, that song 😍😍

  2. I’m glad April is getting out of her downward spiral. She’s very lucky she wasn’t fired before then. That is largely due to the sympathy of her friends. I hope we start seeing her verbally apologize for her behavior. My favorite moment of the April storyline is the rabbi telling April that she sounds like a child.

    FYI I’m not a regular viewer of Grey’s Anatomy. I just happen come across some scenes of it when episodes air on ABC.

  3. Rabbi Eli’s death and then the camera is a pull away top shot. His spirit going to heaven. Beautiful

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