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Scandal 7×15 – The Noise

“You lost your right to give me moral lectures when you ordered your father to shoot me in a basement.”


After seemingly bouncing back with a couple of strong outings, Scandal resorted back to its dreary old ways with The Noise, which was directed by Darby Stanchfield (Abby).

The Quiet

It’s a very misleading title for this episode, which is one of its most uneventful in months. While Quinn tries to chase down Charlie after he’s kidnapped, the rest of the hour plays out in the most predictable ways possible. Cyrus revealing himself to practically everyone as the true mastermind of the Air Force Two hijacking comes off as a bit uncharacteristic for someone who has repeatedly betrayed everyone (including the country) and had no problem hiding it, but this unexpected confession halts the momentum even more. With only two episodes left before the series finale, I was certainly not expecting a slow episode of Scandal this week.

The New, Old Liv?

The Noise also puts a great deal of effort in convincing us that the old Liv is back. This show has often tried to push the Olivia/Huck friendship down our throats in the past, this week even more-so than ever as the latter asks Fitz if he too sees the old Liv has returned, but it was never a compelling pairing to begin with. The writers are better off focusing on Olivia and the rest of the women in her previous life (Abby, Quinn, Mellie) because her dynamics with them have always been much more essential. Granted, Quinn still refuses to forgive Olivia, and while I’ve had my doubts too, it does seem that she might be turning in a new leaf. It certainly doesn’t justify any of the horrendous things she’s done, but it’s a start maybe?

New Kill Plan

Even less exciting is that eye-rolling cliffhanger. Bringing Mellie and Olivia back together was going to be a tough challenge no matter what, but having the President ask Liv to kill Cyrus for her is beyond frustrating. For years now, Mellie has taken on the perspective of the moral ground on this show so to have her sink to the Popes’ level is also uncharacteristic, let alone demeaning. The worst part is that this seems like the writers’ way of pushing Rowan back into the spotlight after being completely sidelined for weeks now. Who’s ready for more excruciating long speeches?

Scandalous Bits

– I love that QPA had to resort to a smaller office space to get their investigative work done, but at some point someone has to point out how unrealistic it is that everyone still works together. Heck, even Fitz was there!

– Abby trying to tape a picture of Lonnie on the board is admittedly hilarious. Eventually, she gives up and says “you know what he looks like”. Priceless.

– Is Jake the most useless character on this show now? Are we supposed to feel bad for him spying on Mellie and Marcus?

– The white hat symbolism has overstayed its welcome. Not even a C for effort on this one, writers.

– Beautiful shot of Olivia sitting in front of a black and white poster about human rights.


Olivia: You want him to take the deal.
Quinn: Wouldn’t you?
Olivia: No.
Quinn: It saves Charlie’s life.
Olivia: While ruining Mellie’s.
Quinn: Ah. Well, at least we know what your priorities are, not that I’m surprised.
Olivia: That’s not fair.
Quinn: It’s not?
Olivia: She’s the President.
Quinn: She’s your President! She’s the trophy you won for all your years of chasing power. Look, even when she’s kicked you out, you won’t let go of her.

Mellie (to Jake): I’m sorry, did you get your feelings hurt because a woman did the job better than you did, or is this because I didn’t want to hold hands in the Oval?


A dull and tedious hour. Unacceptable when the show should be wrapping things up in three episodes.

Chris Rating


  1. If we’re being honest, this show lost its magic as soon as Jake was introduced. B613 ruined this show. I stopped watching 3 episodes into season 6 but have been keeping up with the reviews. I’m ready for this show to be put to rest. Had an episode playing in the background a few months back and when I heard Rowan shouting at a plastic toy I was glad to have given up on the show. I love the review, keep em coming. You’re almost outta there!

    1. Rowan shouting at a plastic toy sounds like a perfectly reasonable place to stop watching! It doesn’t get much better, but at least it doesn’t get worse? Haha.

      Glad you loved the review, thank you! And yes, so close to the end! Woohooo

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