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Station 19 1×03 – Contain the Flame

“I know the name makes it sound like we’re fighting fires, but that’s not it. We’re conquering them.”

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That was…not good.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first two hours of Station 19, as ludicrous and unoriginal as they were, but this week’s episode sadly misses the mark.

Love Triangle

When Grey’s Anatomy put its lead character in a love triangle in season three (which seems like a lifetime ago now), it succeeded mostly because it managed to make us care about every party. This show has barely developed Ryan and Jack, making them seem like mere props to move the plot forward than actual layered characters, and that’s a shame because it appears that the writers want the romantic aspect of the show to be its main hook. I also hate to admit it, but Andy has absolutely no chemistry with either of the guys.

Boring Cases

Unlike 911, there aren’t any intense, exciting sequences to keep us entertained when the characters aren’t engaging enough. Last week’s blue fire notwithstanding, this is the third episode so far and not a single memorable life-and-death situation yet for our firefighters. The building catching on fire seemed like it took forever with Ben being sidelined and staring at a bunch of pipes while Jack and Andy fought over taking the lead. I’m not saying the writers need to stick a rebar into a character’s head this early on, but a little originality in this era of peak TV would be very helpful in securing Station 19’s longevity.

Bits & Flames

– Ryan coming over to see the ladies drinking then just walking away is the most boring scene I have ever seen on television. And then they cut to commercial right there. Who approved this atrocity?!

– Pruitt, Andy’s retired dad, will be working at reception taking phone calls, but if years of watching television have taught me anything about sick parents of main characters, it’s that they don’t live long enough. Sorry, P.

– Couldn’t they pick better child actors for the passed-out-by-the-pool scene? I cringed.

– Who else thinks Brenda Song is pretty terrific on this show as JJ? The only shocking part of this entire hour is when her boyfriend Seth actually died even after Dean had pulled him out of the building.

– Can’t wait for weekly voiceover puns about fires and flames.

Quips from the Station

Maya: So, that stuff back there with Jack, was that a “we just got it on in the turnout room” smack talk? Or “we almost got it on but got interrupted by the alarm” smack talk? Or “we’re really confused because we’re in competition but just drove through blue fire which was really hot, but we still haven’t talked about that engagement ring hanging over our heads yet” sma—ah, yes, that’s the one.

Must-Download Tune

Send the Rain (To Everyone) by Noah Gundersen


A huge misfire (pun intended) on nearly every level. You can do much better than that, Shonda.

Chris Rating

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