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The Good Fight 2×05 – Day 436

"And you wonder why people are killing lawyers."

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I love bottle episodes. Day 436 is a particular delight because everything here happens in one long night. How cozy is that?


Maia and Lucca’s cop ride-alongs are an absolute hoot. The contrast between Lucca’s subdued night (a duck walks past her car in slow motion) and Maia’s rollercoaster car chase is just hilariously amusing.  It also helps that Lucca’s shenanigans dovetail into the pregnancy subplot with Colin who finally finds out he’s going to become a dad. I actually kind of loved his proposal. Justin Bartha and Cush Jumbo make a ridiculously fun couple, so I found him getting down on one knee outside the police station very romantic. OF COURSE Lucca refused, but we all know she doesn’t have it in her to say yes from the start. I gotta say, this whole pregnancy storyline came out of left-field, but I’m enjoying the heck out of it.

Moreover, Day 436 features the delightful return of Colin’s mom Francesca (last seen in Reddick v Boseman). Andrea Martin gets to have a whole lot of fun here playing an inebriated Francesca, and this appearance is much more engaging than her introduction simply because of the fact that she gets to cause a whole lot of chaos.

Please/Thank You

Our case of the week with the sexual harassment suit is a brilliant and timely exploration of what’s dominating the current airwaves (yup, Harvey Weinstein even gets a quick shot). It also features F. Murray Abraham as the cunning Burl Preston – another recurring guest-star from The Good Wife who I love having back on my screen. How brilliant is Abraham? Having him butt heads with Marissa is plain genius.

The most intriguing aspect about the case however is Adrian’s dynamic with Naomi, a successful journalist who took his class years ago, and was demotivated from pursuing a law career after Boseman directed all his attention at his future wife Liz. It’s a fascinating subplot, particularly since Adrian feels enormously guilty, and Liz confirms the favoritism. I so hope Naomi makes further appearances on the show, as Keesha Sharp is so charismatic in the role.

Bits & Cases

– I actually Googled if Trump really tweeted that Hassan Nasrallah was a “fat santa in a Turban”. Apparently that didn’t happen but the show sure did a good job of selling it.

– Diane’s one night stand from last week, Tully, calls her while leading a protest. He gets arrested and she bails him out. What about Kurt? The writers sure forgot about that reconciliation. Maybe next week…

– Maia’s text to Lucca containing gibberish was too funny.

– Loved Marissa nagging on Preston to say please and thank you. It’s character moments like these that allow supporting characters to shine regardless of the amount of screen-time they get.

– Diane mentions Wilk Hobson, a lawyer who got into a fistfight with Will Gardner. After a little bit of research, that character did indeed appear on The Good Wife in season two for two episodes. Talk about incredible continuity!

– The fact that Lucca calls Colin to tell him about his mom when he’s with a girl is just so very awkward.

– The source taking a pic of Jay before letting him into her house made me laugh.

– I can’t believe I noticed this, but Diane doesn’t eat the crust on her pizza. Ha!

–  Why is Maia so fascinated by the dead body? Hmm…

– The weirdest thing I’ve seen on TV all year: Diane seeing two figures with Trump masks dancing and doing obscene gestures across the street. Was she imagining it? Is she microdosing? I’m so confused. Thoughts?

– It’s a quick moment, but notice how Tully walks past Lucca and Colin in the police station.

– As great as this episode was, I have no quotable lines below. Isn’t that just odd?

– I’ve never heard the term “star-fucking” before. Sounds appropriate.

– When Maia confronts the cop for stealing the jewelry, he fires back with a pretty believable story. Was this meant to show that Maia will stop at nothing to prove how idealistic she is?

– The reveal of the in-house council having sent a script to Kip was surprisingly unexpected.

– Notice Diane’s face when Preston exclaims “and you wonder why people are killing lawyers.” I just love that this subplot is carrying through the entire season.


The Good Fight is always masterful television, and this hour is no different. Excellent episode!

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