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Rise 1×04 – Victory Party

“I didn’t know football could be so dramatic.”


Rise is the rare show that improves every week. It’s still far from becoming must-see television, but we’re getting there (maybe).

What a Difference a Game Makes

It’s such a relief to see the writers continue to take on a lighter, more fun tone with every passing episode. Football games are absolutely essential to every high school story, and even though this one ends on a less cheerful note than anticipated, the Stanton loss feels like a win for the show and the audience. It finally pushes the characters to do a little more than react and somber around, including bringing everyone together at one party. The writers still insist on a less flashy show than something like Riverdale as we end up with slightly gloomy storylines such as Robbie’s teammates blaming him for missing the ball and Lou and Gordy having a screaming match outside.

Very, Very Single

Rise tries to bring the fun to Tracey as well, a character who has not had the most intriguing backstory or development so far. Her date with tenth grade Bio teacher Andy turns out to be quite entertaining, even though it ends with the incredibly forced and soapy reveal that Lou had asked Andy to ask her out. Nevertheless, in a show where a bunch of teenage kids struggle to find love (Lilette, Robbie, Simon, Gwen, Gordy), it’s refreshing to see a couple of adults start dating and not end in a complete disaster.

Stanton Bits

– One of my complaints about last week’s episode is how overcrowded this show can be. Luckily, Victor Party allows almost everyone to share the spotlight equally. Kudos on that, writers.

– The Mazzuchelli’s visit to the cousins is awkwardly hilarious and painful to watch.

– Anyone else loved the music playing during Andy and Tracey’s one-on-one outside the restaurant?

– Heartbreaking seeing those guys bullying Michael about his “parts”.

– “Carry On” is my guilty pleasure song so I might have fangirled a little when everyone broke into that song.

– Lilette and Robbie finally kiss. Can we say aww?

– I have to admit I’m enjoying watching Simon fall in love with another male student, and I refuse to believe he’s actually leaving Stanton High.

– Not sure what to make of the cliffhanger as Lou sits at home waiting for Gordy to come back. Can we please move on from the drinking problem? It’s tedious, and I think you’re better than that, show.

Quips from the Drama Club

Gordy: I personally need to hear a little more about the butler’s pantry.
Lou: Who’s ever even heard of a butler’s pantry? When she opened the door, I expected a tiny little English dude to come out.

Andy: You help these kids. I am not here on some pity date. I think you’re luminous.
Tracey: What did you call me?
Andy: Luminous. To shine brightly, to—
Tracy: Yeah, yeah, I know what it means.

Must-Download Tunes

Secrets (Cellar Door) by Radical Face
Carry On by Fun.


Another solid hour from a show that continues to improve week after week.

Chris Rating

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