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Station 19 1×04 – Reignited

“You want us to avoid using water on a fire?”

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This wasn’t as horrible as last week, but to be fair it would be difficult to sink that low.

Sleeping In

I honestly don’t know who even approved Andy and Jack spending the entire episode having sex and making out in the office instead of doing their jobs (literally anything else). It baffles my mind that the writers want to make these characters likable when they are putting exactly zero effort into accomplishing that. If there’s anything this episode proved is that there is absolutely no chemistry between the two. The earlier the producers get that, the better.

Love Quadruple?

Surprisingly, it’s Maya and Ryan who had tons of sparks and chemistry this week. First, it was quite intriguing to learn about Maya’s brother because even though she’s had a ton of screen-time thus far, almost every single minute of that time has been wasted on her being Andy’s BFF. In addition, the twist near the end with Maya telling Ryan about her family instead of Andy means there might definitely be a new love triangle on the horizon. Love quadruple, if you count Jack. Ha!

Cringeworthy Writing

Sadly, the rest of Reignited is saddled with horrendous writing and some truly cringe-worthy voiceovers. Grey’s Anatomy always has a bit of a rough time handling Meredith’s unsubtle attempts at connecting the weekly medical cases with her personal problems, but it almost seems like Station 19 is not even trying. I expect much better from a Shondaland production.

Bits & Flames

– How cool was the Virtual Reality stuff? I need that game!

– As absurd as it was, the wine glasses breaking and flying around was an admittedly intense and pulse-pounding sequence. I wish I could say the same about the rest of the cases.

– Anyone else thought Deborah’s sister was actually going to die? Is it bad to think that would have left a much larger impact on an otherwise forgettable standalone case?

– Pruitt seeing Andy and Jack together at the end…talk about a lazy cliffhanger.

Quips from the Station

Vic: Are you asking me to run extra drills with you? Voluntarily? In a video game?

Must-Download Tune

All of the Love in the World by Lily Kershaw


Better than last week, but Station 19 still has a long way to go.

Chris Rating


  1. I’ve only seen some of the show and based on that, I do not like it at all. It seems like a juvenile version of 9-1-1 or Chicago Fire which is melodramatic enough as it is.

    1. A juvenile version of 9-1-1 indeed! I doubt it’s going to stick around, although The Catch survived for 2 seasons so who knows with ABC and their Shondaland obsession?

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