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The Good Fight 2×06 – Day 443

"Never pass up a chance to have sex or appear on television."

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It’s an utter pleasure to review The Good Fight every week. No other show comes close in thematic richness and pure elegance.

A Star is Born

It’s always great when Delroy Lindo gets lots to do, and Adrian Boseman is on fire this week. Everything about his TV pundit subplot is perfection – from Adrian slowly acclimating to his newfound fame, to the “angry black man” stereotype he finds himself saddled with. The clever part here is that the subplot dovetails into our case of the week, as Boseman’s celebrity status makes him a rockstar in court (much to Judge Walenstadt’s disdain). I so hope this subplot carries on for a while because I’d love to watch the consequences of this trajectory continue to unfold.

Preggo and Proud

I knew Lucca’s pregnancy would be a fun avenue for the show to explore but I didn’t know it would be THIS fun. Cash Jumbo is obviously having a ball, and watching Lucca navigate the tricky waters of impending motherhood as her coworkers circle her like vultures is fascinating. The scene in which Lucca confronts her bosses and officially announces the news is fascinating in what it doesn’t say.  Diane and company “congratulate” Lucca, when in reality we all know they’re just covering their assess in case things get complicated. How deliciously layered is this?

Nutty Lockhart

Diane’s insane spiral continues this week, and it’s a heartbreaking hoot to watch. I thought the writers would totally ignore last week’s vision of Trump figures having sex, but no, the unsettling duo is back and it’s oh so ominous. The beauty of The Good Fight is the way it manages to juggle serialized character development (Diane has slowly gone bonkers since the season premiere) with really compelling cases.

Bits & Cases

– I love that the show only reveals Boseman’s side of the interview during filming. This basically ensures we’re as confused as he is.

– Adrian calling the host “maam” was hysterical

– Julius making Maia first chair to mess with Lucca was just evil.

– Amber-Wood Lutz was last seen in the season one episode Stoppable, and she’s just as effectively annoying here. Greta Lee is terrific!

– Amusing parallels: Judge Walenstadt keeps talking to the jury about law on TV, but then gets annoyed when Boseman “plays” to the jurors.

– The Big Seven meeting was so intriguing to watch, particularly as the firms tried to pressure our guys into dropping their police brutality cases. Thankfully, Marissa to the rescue (as always)!

– Speaking of Marissa, watching her extract info from the bimbo over broccoli was comedy gold.

– I smiled when Lucca screamed at the poor guy to take the next elevator, but I laughed out loud when Diane said “fucking”.

– Lucca, Colin and their pregnancy hijinks felt like they came straight out of a sitcom.  Moreover, Judge Claudia Friend is another Good Wife veteran, last seen in season four’s Runnin’ with the Devil.

– My favorite moment of the week: Diane challenging the judge and defending Boseman. Also phenomenal continuity with her saying “I want a ruling I can appeal.” She is of course referring to Will who said this exact line in season one of The Good Wife. 

– The fact that Adrian finally gave Marissa her raise made me very happy.

– Adrian urging all his fellow hosts to say the N word was insanely good. I particularly love how the makeup lady grows fond of him after this incident (she hates him at first for taking the other guys’ role).

Good Lines

Diane: (to Boseman) Well, you look good.
Marissa: It’s the big head. Big heads play well on TV.

Judge: How is it that so many lawyers are being killed, and yet my courtroom is still full of them?

Julius: So what do we think?
Diane: I don’t think we can think, legally.

Colin: What Lucca is suggesting is incredibly cynical, not to mention hypocritical, because now she’s using her pregnancy to win sympathy from you, Your Honor.
Judge: Yes, I noticed. Oh, boy, this kid’s gonna have great parents.

Adrian: So, what happened to J.
Makeup Lady: You did.

Host: Listen, everyone at the network loves you. You’re smart. You’re articulate. The thing is, is we like it when you bring a little more heat to the panel.
Adrian: Oh. Be the angry, black man.
Host: God, no. That’s an ugly stereotype. Just go with your impulses. People are riled up these days. They want to hear someone saying what they’re thinking. That’s all. We’re all looking for those viral moments.


A first-rate script and predictably outstanding performances make for a top-notch hour of The Good Fight. 

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