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Grey’s Anatomy 14×19 – Beautiful Dreamer

"I'm sorry I'm mixing up my metaphors."


Some things this episode did really well. And some things… not so much.

Seattle Dreamin’

With the recent news that Jeanine Mason (Sam Bello) was cast in the CW’s Roswell reboot, it was only a matter of time before her character would get written off the show. Beautiful Dreamer finally puts an end to her run (and what a short run it was). In fact, we barely got to know Bello over the last few months so this was not the heart-wrenching episode it could have been.

Interestingly, her exit allows Shonda Rhimes to get political, and it’s always great when the powerhouse tackles a timely subject. Meredith gets a beautiful speech where she advises Bello to not act like the criminal they want her to be, and she also gets to swoop in for the rescue in the form of Cristina Yang offering Bello another life in Switzerland. I’m guessing the Roswell pilot will flop and Mason will be back before we know it. But do we even want that?

Matters of the Heart

As Martin Fields, Joel Murray is excellent as an ICE agent who soon finds himself embroiled in his own health scare. I actually enjoyed this subplot most, because Bailey’s motivations were murky. Obviously she wanted to help Agent Fields, but she also was very keen on keeping Bello safe. It’s those dual elements that help keep this storyline engrossing and fresh. Will we follow up on Fields’ condition next week? I have a feeling the show will forget about him now that Bello is gone but I sure hope not. Murray is terrific!

Creepy Catherine

Although it’s a very brief subplot, something ominous is on the horizon as Catherine proclaims to Webber in the final moments that everything is “ruined”. All we know is that Jackson waived some legal shtick with a doctor from Chicago, and it’s presumably going to have huge ramifications going forward. I so hope it’s not an anticlimax, and that the hour’s chilling ending actually leads to something truly exciting.¬†Grey’s could certainly use a little narrative boost as it finishes off the season.

Bits & Scalpels

– I liked the running gag with Jo not being allowed to enter any room with her interns.

– Jo advising Bello to fake her death was hilarious.

– Matthew is back! And his baby is fine thanks to April and Owen! Not much else here people…

– Andrew seriously thought Carina would try and deport his girlfriend? Talk about trusting your sibling!

– I love Carine and Arizona so the fact that Jessica Capshaw is departing this year really ruins their happy moments for me.

– I’m certainly ready to see Jo and Alex become parents. Oh, and Owen is also getting a kid!

– I felt nothing for Ollie’s predicament, but Richard crying at her bedside was really heartbreaking.

– Am I really finally on board with Maggie and Jackson? Or did the show just beat me down with the thought that I have finally succumbed to the incessant brainwashing? We’ll never know I guess!

– No memorable dialogue this week —-> No Grey Banter¬†section this week. Weird.

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Everywhere I Go by Sleeping At Last


Some powerful moments mixed with a not-so-effective departure make for an uneven episode.

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