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The Good Fight 2×07 – Day 450

"Wow, that's pregnant. Good pregnant, not a bad thing."

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I’m enjoying the heck out of The Good Fight this season. Every episode has done an incredible job of maintaining a shocking level of consistency and complexity.

Trump Talks, Ruth Returns!

This might be the timeliest episode the show’s ever done. Trump looms over the entire episode, and his potential impeachment gives the episode a real sense of urgency and suspense. I was a HUGE fan of Margo Martindale’s Ruth Eastman on The Good Wife, so imagine my utter delight when I saw her on my screen again. Putting Margo in the same room as Diane, Adrian and Liz is just a phenomenal choice, and it elevates the hour to a whole other level. I particularly loved watching the gang settle into their “roles” (angry black woman, black lives matter, white conscience) to hilarious and powerful effect. Most interestingly, Liz is the only one selected to join an Avengers-esque team-up. It’s going to be fascinating to watch her navigate uncharted waters. Bring it on!

Mundane Maia

It’s funny, but I keep forgetting that Maia and Amy are still together. From the start of the show, Maia has been The Good Fight‘s weakest link. Her father’s scandal weighed heavily on the show and was an outright drag at some points, while her relationship with Amy was NEVER properly explored. That means that her brief affair with Carine this week is not nearly as impactful. Still, it’s always fun to see Maia and Marissa bond, and their clubbing antics certainly had their moments.

Francesca Strikes!

The Lucca-Colin subplot has proven to be far more entertaining that I ever thought it would be, and the fun was magnified with Francesca returning with a teddybear in hand. His incessant singing injected the hour with some much needed hilarity to contrast the tension, and was very much in line with the kind of humor The Good Wife perfected over its run. Actually, everything about Lucca getting her own “political team” to navigate the pregnancy and Colin’s impending run for congress felt like a parallel to Alicia’s own journey with Eli and company. I love this world.

Bits & Cases

– Ruth’s markers not working killed me..

– Lucca’s client wondering if she’s going to the bathroom was really irritating. But watching the team wrongly fumble around her “mood swings” was insane. Everyone’s afraid of a lawsuit and no one recognizes that Lucca is totally fine!

– I love how Liz got Julius ejected from the DNC proceedings. Naturally he responded with giving the team the finger.

– Yup Drew is still in the picture!

– The upskirt photo thing was very odd, but I guess the script needed to give Amy a reason to label Drew and Marissa as dangerous to be around. That was really random.

– Hungover Marissa with sunglasses on was a hysterical visual.

– Loved Liz snapping at Adrian after he tried to control her. And Diane saying she sides with her? Amazing!

– How cool is it that Lucca’s tweet got her client to return?

– Diane tells Adrian that her insanity was all “a show”. We all know it isn’t, particularly with that chilling deck of cards with all their pictures. I am so dreading Diane having to use that gun but the season has been building towards that climax for seven episodes now.

– David Lee. Patty Nylon. So many callbacks!

– Very cute moment with Liz saying she needs a drink, but both her and Adrian are too tired to get up.

– The line about Lucca not being a “good little wife” was an obvious nod to Alicia right?

– Carine arriving drunk and tripping needs to be a GIF asap.

– Very unexpected ending with the DNC cameras filming Maia and Carine having sex. So Maia’s got herself embroiled in another scandal now? I guess there’s no escape from public scrutiny for little Rindell.

– That cartoon video at the end was freakin’ priceless.

Good Lines

Francesca: Very nice meeting you. I think your dad stole some of my husband’s money.
Maia: Sorry.
Francesca: No, no.That’s a good thing. He’s an asshole.

Carine: Look my dad was a senator who was caught with a page. So I’m part of the damaged offspring club, too. You were worried about the Rindell name. I’ve had to live down the Minter name. My dad fucked a 16-year-old Senate page in 2009.
Maia: Well, I’m I’m sorry.
Carine: Hey, he came out as gay and he’s working at Uber now, so worked out for him.

Liz: They want us to be street.
Diane: Oh, my God. So what do we do?
Liz: Well, we’re being offered a seat at the table. We can’t cry about it now, you know? I will be the angry black woman, (to Adrian) and you can be Black Lives Matter.
Diane: What about me?
Liz: Uh, you-you keep us calm, you know. You’re the white conscience.

Liz: What do you think?
Adrian: I don’t know. I never know how far is too far.
Liz: At least you’ve reached a point in your life where you can admit it.

Julius: This is Trump Derangement Syndrome.
Diane: Actually, it’s just the opposite. It’s clarity. I’ve spent the last few months feeling fucking deranged! Like I’m living in some bad reality show. Going numb! All Trump, all the time. What’s real? What’s fake? Well, you know what? I just woke up.

Lucca: Where did we conceive this baby?
Colin: Well, we, uh, were on opposite sides of the Rindell trial, and things got pretty intense.
Lucca: So we worked through all that tension by fucking in the courthouse restroom. It was a family restroom, so we locked the door.

Ruth: They want a team of lawyers, but not just from one firm.
Liz: Like the Avengers.
Ruth: That’s right. Five lawyers, one from each firm. Liz, you-you handle the anger.
Adrian: So Liz is Wonder Woman.
Ruth: That’s the Justice League.


A witty and insightful hour from The Good Fight. I really don’t want this season to end.

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