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The Good Fight 2×08 – Day 457

"We're deep in soap opera territory."


This might be the first episode of the season that I don’t love. That being said, a pretty good episode of The Good Fight is still better than 90% of shows on the air.

Not So Senile

It’s funny that Day 457 is Alan Alda’s first appearance in The Good Wife/Fight world as lawyer Solomon Waltzer. He’s so good in the role that I was sure we’d spent time with the character before. His senile shtick is immensely amusing, and it’s always great when an antagonist is underestimated by our heroes only to flip the tables on them. The Facebook micro-targeting angle is of course a very timely topic, and The Good Fight tackles it in a believable and uncomplicated manner. I especially loved Adrian getting Jay to spread “fake news” about the “Muslim judge” and his donation to ISIS. Priceless!

Dipersia Departs

The problem with the episode’s cliffhanger (Jay quitting after butting heads with Adrian and the firm’s money-hungry tactics) is that we’re not entirely invested in the investigator. Whereas Marissa has been beautifully developed since her first appearance, the show never really explored Jay as insightfully as it’s tackled other characters. That means that the verbal battle at the end wasn’t nearly as impactful as it could have been. I honestly felt nothing with Jay quitting, and that’s a real shame. Imagine if Marissa was the one doing the quitting… now THAT would be a bombshell.

The Diane Diaries

I think I’m ready for Diane and Kurt to be over for good. I never loved the latter as a character, and the introduction of Tully has given Diane a real spark. It helps that she’s been microdosing which has been a fascinating subplot to watch unfold. Naturally, the Kurt and Holly trials drove Diane back into Tully’s arms, although there’s a red flag his firearm and revolutionary tactics. I continue to be completely captivated by how the writers have handled Miss Lockhart this season; I never expected her journey to take such unexpected turns!

Bits & Cases

– Yup that’s Judge Peter Dunaway who graced The Good Wife countless times. Kurt Fuller is as always, perfect in the role.

– The narrowing down diagram was really nifty, I liked it.

– Maia and Lucca were real afterthoughts this week. A pity. Their scenes with Craig just weren’t very gripping .

– Tully and Kurt in the elevator together was very amusing.

– My favorite scene of the episode: Diane defending Tully and facing off with the judge who is a “Trump appointee.” I absolutely loved everything about this scene, particularly how Diane starts using big law words to confuse him.

– How great is Christine Baranski’s acting when Holly is on the stand detailing the affair?

– If you hadn’t noticed, this season’s episode titles refer to the number of days Trump has been in office. How cool is that?

– Diane tells Kurt she “won’t be that wife.” I’m pretty sure that’s a sly dig at Alicia. Right? Right?

Good Lines

Adrian: You sure you’re all right?
Diane: Cool as a cucumber.

Diane: So, you’re loyal to her?
Kurt: I wouldn’t put it that way.
Diane: No? Well, then to whom, then? Not to my firm, not to my client not to me.

Bartender: I know you.
Diane: The funeral.
Bartender: Right.
Diane: Right.
Bartender: People were dying on you.
Diane: They still are.

Diane: You’re discussing a crime with your lawyer.
Tully: No, no, no, no. I am discussing politics.
Diane: Violence is not politics.


Not the most spectacular hour, but this was still solidly made and very entertaining.

Nad Rating


  1. Thanks for clarifying what the episode titles meant. I was puzzled by that. My theory was that each title covered the number of days that passed since Diane lost her money and Maia’s world upended.

  2. It’s funny, for me, this is the first ep of the Good Fight that has been as good as anything in the first five series of the Good Wife.

    Great court room scenes, great grey areas of right and wrong, great examples of doing the right thing for the wrong reason and the wrong thing for the right reason.

    I hope this is like the start of S2 of TGW and is the new standard of drama.

    1. Very interesting Robert as I didn’t love this episode as much as previous ones. But I still loved reading your thoughts so keep em coming please 😁

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