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The Americans 6×05 – The Great Patriotic War

“You can control the conversation. And if you can’t, don’t have the conversation.”

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What an incredible episode and pulse-pounding hour of television. I’m still trying to digest it all.

The Jennings’ Rift

All season long, Elizabeth and Philip have been at odds with each other. Between going separate ways at work and fighting in front of Paige last week, tension has been sky-rocketing at the Jennings household for a while. It looks like it’s only about to get worse as Philip calls Kimmy by the end of The Great Patriotic War to warn her about her upcoming trip to Greece, basically tipping her off, betraying his own country, and tearing down Elizabeth’s plans. It is by far one of the most unexpected and unsettling developments The Americans has produced yet, which brings together this show’s multiple genres and officially kicks off the rest of the season into full gear. If you’re not excited about where this show is heading next, I don’t think you’ve been paying attention.

Goodbye, Good Philip

It’s mighty impressive how this show constantly has audiences questioning characters’ morals, this week more-so than ever by focusing on Philip. There’s nothing more unsettling than sympathizing with a character who breaks up with a much younger girl after already sleeping with her, but Philip’s gut-wrenching phone call with Kimmy has so many layers, it’s almost impossible to unpack immediately. As audiences, we’re used to rooting for a couple of Russian spies who have been working tirelessly against America for many years, but The Great Patriotic War is relentless in its constructive attempts at showing compassion for Philip in his final Jim disguise. It pains me to admit this about someone who got physical with two young women in this episode (let’s not forget his intense one-on-one combat sequence with Paige), but I’m actually going to miss creepy Jim. Gah, this show.

Bits in Disguise

– Claudia telling Paige about the family she lost in Stalingrad is such an immersive, compelling scene, but I can’t help but worry how Claudia is starting to affect Paige’s views instead of letting her form her own opinion.

– I can’t believe I missed this last week, but Paige asking Elizabeth if they ever use sex to get information in Tchaikovsky is a brilliant foreshadowing to her sleeping with intern Brian last week.

– Loved the peaceful music that played as Elizabeth and Philip make out in complete silence. What a breathtaking sequence.

– How badass is Paige as she punches and kicks that douchebag’s ass at the bar?

– Has Stan’s house always been so huge and gorgeous?

– Tatiana’s return is not the most exciting news, especially since she’s only back to find out what brings Oleg to the States again. I do not like her.

– Priceless moment: the shocked look on Philip’s face in the basement as he finds out that Paige had sex.

– Elizabeth killing the two KGB residents (with a little girl in the apartment!) is quite the shocking development. Sorry, Stan.

Quips from the Motherland

Elizabeth: Do you remember when you had the World War Two module in ninth grade?
Paige: Was that ninth grade?
Elizabeth: I’d read the sections in your textbook. They barely mentioned the Soviet Union. I wanted to tear that bullshit they were teaching you right out of your head and shove the truth right in there.

Philip (about Kimmy): She’s just a kid.
Elizabeth (about Paige): Not anymore.

Elizabeth: Maybe she’s not cut out for this.
Philip: That wasn’t—she can do it. My point was always that she shouldn’t.


An intense episode with shocking developments that officially kick off The Americans’ final season into full gear.

Chris Rating


  1. This is the episode I’ve been waiting for. Things are going to get messy and unpredictable in the aftermath of Elizabeth murdering the KGB residents and Philip’s damning phone call to Kimmy. Regarding what Elizabeth did, I was afraid she may kill the boy too if he laid eyes on her. Fortunately, that didn’t happen.

    I share your same concern about Claudia.

    1. I forgot to mention it really looks like Elizabeth is going to find that boy from the bar and who knows what she’s going to do to him! God THIS SHOW!!!

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