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Grey’s Anatomy 14×21 – Bad Reputation

"He's intelligent, kind, faithful not your crowd at all."


The season finale is almost here, and I’m note exactly sure what we’re building towards. Nevertheless, this was still an amusing episode.

Catherine For The Win

Raise your hand if you got teary eyed when Catherine read Meredith and Jackson’s letter out loud and slowly realized that the Harper Avery Foundation would be renamed The Catherine Fox Foundation. Debbie Allen’s delivery was spot on, and I loved the idea of the association repaying, rehiring, and retraining all of Avery’s victims. It’s the kind of wish fulfillment resolution the current Harvey Weinstein scandal should have gotten, and it’s immensely gratifying.

A New Purpose

Grey’s hasn’t always known what to do with Amelia Shepherd, so I’m pleased to report that having her take in Betty – the junkie baby momma of Owen’s foster kid – is a welcome turn of events. This development is the perfect way to showcase Amelia’s growth as a character while also giving her something to do besides pine over Owen. Peyton Kennedy is perfectly cast as Betty, a drug addict with a heartbreaking story that’s all too relatable. I look forward to seeing the foursome living together (yeah, that’s not awkward).

An Unexpected Return

Strangely enough, Bad Reputation features the return of Sara Utterback as Olivia, the nurse who contracted syphilis from Alex and gave it to George. Utterback is fine in the role, and she causes a predictable amount of damage (she tells Jo about the STD and the fact that Owen cheated on his first wife), but I wasn’t too enamored by the decision to bring her back. It feels like the show would have been better off devoting more time to the Avery harassment allegations or Arizona (who briefly mentions that Sofia isn’t doing well).

Bits & Scalpels

– I loved the nurse being rude to Owen and ignoring the fact that he’s the Head of Trauma at the hospital. No special treatment here.

– Betty says she bought a dress to see her baby. Amelia wonders if she stole it. Notice what looks like the tag still hanging on the back? I’m impressed that the show leaves this plot point unresolved. Do you think she stole it?

– I forgot that they used to call Alex “Evilspawn.” Ah memories.

– Schmidt asks Jo if she gave him syphilis. Honestly I forgot these two even slept together; it was such a forgettable subplot.

– I respect Grey’s for letting April and Maggie act mature with one another. In fact, April tells Maggie that she should trust Jackson and it’s a refreshingly adult move.

– Did anyone else find the Justin Timberlake song during surgery to be a strange musical choice?

– Alex’s mom hasn’t been cashing her cheques. Let’s hope this storyline doesn’t prove to be a dud (I won’t get my hopes up).

– So Roy is suing the hospital for wrongful termination. Can’t say I’m nervous.

– I was admittedly amused by Andrew’s couch depression. However having Carina coming to him at the end wasn’t the most emotional of endings since the show hasn’t explored their dynamic enough.

Grey Banter

Zola: I can’t understand what he’s singing.
Meredith: And let’s be thankful for that.

Zola: How come Maggie’s friend never has to take a bath and we do?
Meredith: Because he’s European.

Jackson: So, maybe it wasn’t the smartest thing in the world to pay for the playing field, but look what it created: Webber’s cancer pens. You got Pierce’s rechargeable hearts, your mini livers, Robbin’s crash cart, Bailey’s butt thing.

Alex: Still gonna be hot if I go broke?
Jo: Are you going broke for noble reasons?

Must-Download Tunes

Chateau by Angus & Julia Stone


Not the greatest hour, but still an entertaining outing with some intriguing developments.

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