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Movie Review: I Feel Pretty

"I'm not sure you know what sneak peek means. You're completely naked."


I really like Amy Schumer.

Not only is she a charismatic and likeable actress, she’s downright funny. I Feel Pretty would be a flop without her, but she salvages the film with her special brand of self-depreciating humor.

Pretty Amusing

The story of an insecure woman who hits her head and magically starts believing she’s “beautiful”, I Feel Pretty has a very simply premise that’s immediately endearing. There’s the obvious hilarity of the situations Amy’s character finds herself in, but there’s also a heartfelt and empowering message about believing in yourself and finding the confidence within. Movies with positive themes such as this one are always welcome in my book so major props to Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein (yes the film has two directors but their vision is thankfully cohesive).

Pretty Long

Unfortunately, the film drags on in unnecessary fashion. There’s a good 15 minutes that slow down the narrative’s momentum, and they could have easily been trimmed. With comedies like this one, the script shouldn’t linger, or the jokes tend to wear thin. Nevertheless, the damage isn’t fatal, and Schumer is thoroughly hilarious even in the film’s weak spots.

Pretty Uneven

Schumer’s support cast is a bit hit and miss. Michelle Williams is surprisingly hilarious as Avery Le-Claire, Renee’s eccentric boss with an unforgettable voice, while Rory Scovel is terrific as Schumer’s love interest. Unfortunately, Emily Ratajkowski is severely miscast as Renee’s fitspiration. The actress simply doesn’t have the skills to pull off her subplot, and I was far too distracted by her forced acting to buy into the duo’s climactic heart-to-heart.


It’s a bit too long for its own good, but I Feel Pretty is a charming enough vehicle for Amy Schumer that it ends up being a memorable little comedy.

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  1. I like Amy Schumer too. She is a funny actress. I haven’t seen this movie but I have seen some of her television series and Snatched in which she was part of a good double act with Goldie Hawn. A lot of the hate Schumer receives is undeserved.

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