The Good Fight TV Review

The Good Fight 2×09 – Day 464

"I was just thinking about Watergate. How history repeats itself first as tragedy, second as farce, third as porn."


If you thought The Good Fight wouldn’t continue to tackle Donald Trump head-on, you’d be sorely mistaken.

P.P. Problems

The existence of a supposed golden shower tape featuring Trump in Moscow fuels this week’s case, and it’s a captivating story across the board. Lili Mirojnick is completely believable as Dominika, a young woman who claims she took part in the scandalous affair. The narrative actually kept me wondering if she was a plant or not, and that added a real dose of intrigue to the storyline.

The scandal also involves the return of Ruth Eastman (I can never get enough of Margo Martindale) and the ever-delightful Jane Lynch as eccentric FBI agent Madeline Starkey. Although I would have loved to see these two powerhouse ladies share a scene, it was still a hoot to see Starkey get involved (her questioning of Dominika was chilling in its details).

Interestingly enough, the ending is pretty intriguing with the reveal of Eastman putting a copy of the bombshell tape in her vault and labeling the envelope October 2020 (just in time for the next elections). Not only is this storyline so darn timely and relevant, it keeps the door open for one hell of a climax (and I so hope The Good Fight stays on the airwaves for many years to come).

Colin Meets Craig 

Unfortunately, Maia and Lucca’s defense of Jay’s friend Craig isn’t nearly as engrossing as the Trump adventures. Sure it features the return of Fisher Stevens as Gabriel Kovac, but I’m not exactly the character’s biggest fan (he feels like a one-joke persona to me). Thankfully the Craig subplot is finally resolved through Colin, who also gets a much needed PR jolt by not seeming so “racist” with his prosecution rate. I’m always a fan of subplots intersecting, but I feel like Day 464 would have been much more impactful if it had kept its efforts focused on the golden shower debacle.

Bits & Cases

– Did Diane’s microdosing (or “dosing” as Marissa points out) cause Diane to imagine the five goats/goals news report? Or was that real? I guess we’ll never know.

– Marissa and Dominika’s interactions are hysterical, especially the do-you-mind following me bit.

– Another mention of Will Gardner. At this rate it feels like good ol’ Will is gonna rise up from the dead.

– Maia DOES look like a bird.

– Extremely amusing scene: Marissa arguing with her Uber driver over the destination. The music is on-point too!

– Miss Haiti was a nice touch seeing as how Trump did call it a “shithole.”

– The “pardon my reach” drama by Starkey was hilarious.

– Another running joke that continues to make me laugh: the birds smashing into the window in Starkey’s office and plummeting to their deaths.

– Hilarious touch with the Golden Shower tape emitting that holy light on the gang. And the music… so epic.

– Anyone else remember Frank Landau from The Good Wife? He was always a sleazeball, constantly messing with Alicia.

– The bathrobe is real! But the pic of Trump wearing it sure looked fake!

– It’s a small detail, but I love that ever since The Good Wife, the show always has its characters use Chumhum as their primary search engine instead of Google.

– I admit that Gabe made me laugh at his various mistakes in court (Especially when he got Craig’s name wrong).

– Maia tells Kovac shes a lesbian. Doesn’t do much to kill his attraction.

– I hope we meet Diane’s dad soon. Or is he dead?

– It’s pretty sad that Dominika ultimately has to lie and say the tape is in fact “porn” to maintain her status in the United Status.

Good Lines

Marissa: So, where are you from – in Russia?
Dominika: Taganskaya.
Marissa: Oh, really?
Dominika: Yes, you know it?
Marissa: No. Sorry, that must’ve sounded like I did. I don’t know anything about Russia. Though I think your name is cool. Like a Russian villain.

Marissa: Can I get you anything? Water or directions to the restroom?
Dominika: That was a joke?
Marissa: Yes. Sorry.
Dominika: No, it was good.

Guy: Not only do you help with the African-American vote, you show that he won’t grope other women.
Lucca: Great. Women have come so far.

Frank: Your competition’s not Davey Lion. It’s another Democrat, a businesswoman named Sue Rimes. And she has no racial entanglements.
Colin: Also no accomplishments.
Frank: Accomplishments aren’t always good.

Diane: You know, my father was a great man. He fought corruption ever day of his life. He said that it made him stronger. He once remarked that that’s how you measure the worth of a man, by looking at his foes. Well, I look at our foe, and I wonder how people will measure us. We’re hoping that a golden shower tape brings down an idiot.


Although the Craig subplot is somewhat of a drag, the golden shower narrative makes this episode a fantastic and memorable affair.

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