Supergirl 3×17 – Trinity

"I did not have the emotional bandwidth for another enemy."


I didn’t review the last three episodes of Supergirl. Why? Because the show got stuck in a rut after it returned from hiatus with filler subplots and a noticeable lack of momentum. Thankfully, Trinity is a step in the right direction.

Trinity No More

As exciting it is to see Reign, Pestilence and Purity banding together as a trio of supervillainesses, I find it very odd (from a storytelling perspective) that the writers went on ahead and killed two of the three Worldkillers. After so much hype and build-up, why would they give Julia and Grace such minimal screen-time before eliminating them from the story? It’s extremely strange and illogical, and yet I’m going to try not to judge before I see what else the writers have planned. The fact that Reign seemingly absorbed her fellow Worldkillers (or their powers) at the end is at least a promising development so there’s that…

On the bright side, this episode really did feel like a season finale. Not only did two Worldkillers die, but the fortress got destroyed, and we had an all-out battle between our two teams (something I never would have predicted so soon). The fight is actually one of the most visually exciting things this show has ever done. It’s filled with thrilling moments from Alex’s “new bullets” deflecting Purity’s scream, to Kara and Reign’s laser skirmish, and Pestilence and Purity killing each other. With six episodes to go, I genuinely have no idea how this action climax can be topped.

Semi Bad Girl

The greatest thing about Trinity is how vividly it layers Lena Luthor. Katie McGrath is splendid this week as her Sam experiments are revealed and she struggles to convince the DEO and her friends of her unorthodox methods. The fascinating part here is that Lena genuinely believes in her tactics (and the fact that she can seemingly create her own Kryptonite), and doesn’t seem to factor the consequences of her actions. If the show eventually makes Lena a full-on antagonist (I hope not), at least the seeds have been planted for a truly complicated baddie.

Unexpected Intrigue

Although Kara asking James to investigate Lena rubbed me the wrong way (considering their history and his new romance with Lena) his refusal to enter the vault (while telling Winn otherwise) is the most interesting thing James has ever done on Supergirl. Even more engrossing is his revealing his true identity to his new girlfriend while unknowingly throwing Supergirl under the bus. Things are going to get crazy people!

Super Bits

– Some really fantastic editing in the teaser with Lena’s interrogation at the DEO juxtaposed with Kara walking around the fallen lab and discovering everything Lena did.

– How lame was it when Pestilence barely waved her finger and that cheap sound effect signaled that Grace had died? It was so cringeworthy; I can think of a million other ways this could have been pulled off.

– The eclipse sure fizzled out didn’t it?

– Loved Sam telling Julia to hum a familiar tune.

– Beautiful moment with Alex asking Lena why she didn’t come to her with the Sam discovery and the latter retaliating about Alex’s DEO secret. It’s pretty obvious that Lena knows about Kara/Supergirl RIGHT?

– I really like Brainy but the show’s cost-cutting measures with his lack of makeup is appalling.

– Odette Annable was phenomenal this week. My heart broke to a million pieces as she shrieked while trying to remember her daughter’s name.

– Alex’s makeshift spears were cute, but basically useless as those “Kryptonian Demons” received two whole seconds of screen-time. How pointless.

– Mon-El tells J’onn that he doesn’t want to hurt his wife, and that he’s basically still in love with Kara. No one cares.

– Chilling moment: Sam and Reign switching bodies as a terrified Sam finds herself in the Trinity circle while Reign chokes the life out of Lena.

– Adored Winn giving Alex her new suit with the magnet capabilities and the funky new gun.

– Lena helping out in the ship was really nifty. Can she join the team full time?

– The show needs to stop with the wide shots of people fighting in mid-air (Pestilence vs Imara & Mon-El). They’re really awkward.

– I didn’t find the cliffhanger particularly effective because we all know Reign won’t kill Ruby. Ugh.

Quotes & Kara

Brainy: Once I induce transmission, your minds will be immediately beamed into this dark valley.
Alex: Is it gonna hurt?
Brainy: The chances are better than 50%.
Alex: That’s comforting.
Brainy: Really? I didn’t think so. Would you like me to count to three?
Lena: Will it help?
Brainy: No, not at all.

Kara: Is this what it’s like when humans exercise? This is terrible.
Why would you ever exercise?

Lena: What I did wasn’t personal.
Alex: You had a stash of “Kills Kryptonians,” Lena. It’s personal.

Lena: Oh, right, you don’t like secrets.
Supergirl: Nope, I don’t.
Lena: Good. What’s your real name?
Kara: It’s not a great question for a Luthor to ask someone in my family.

Winn: I’ve always thought it was like, super unfair, you know. J’onn can phase through things, he can shape-shift – then you got Supergirl, she can laser-vision, you know. Freeze-breath, she’s massively strong!
Alex: You’re not making me feel super-hyped to go join the fight.

Mon-El: Hey, can we even get home?
Imara: Brainy will figure it out. Otherwise, he loses the nickname “Brainy”.


A surprisingly excellent episode that unfortunately makes some questionable long-term decisions. Nevertheless, it works very well on its own!

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