Supergirl 3×18 – Shelter From The Storm

"You really do have a god complex."


You can criticize Supergirl for a lot of things. The CGI is often shoddy, the dialogue is frequently cheesy, but the one thing you can’t call the show is predictable. Shelter from the Storm definitely didn’t unfold the way I was expecting it to, and that’s a very good thing.

Big Bad Down

Last week, Supergirl completely subverted my expectations by taking out two Worldkillers after a whole lot of buildup. This week the show actually took Reign out of the equation (well, temporarily at least). In fact, the show even gave us a badass fight scene between Kara/Mon-El and our baddie (with some Alex action interspersed throughout). For the second week in a row, the show produced an episode that felt like a season finale packed with climactic developments, and that’s very impressive indeed.


Although it’s unfortunate that the show expects us to buy Lena not knowing about Kara’s true identity, Shelter from the Storm beautifully complicates this dynamic even further. Lena not only puts Supergirl in her place for her “God complex” (read the amazing exchange below), but tells Kara that she doesn’t even trust the heroine. It’s all so wonderfully layered because Kara can’t exactly prove her wrong as she’s hiding a secret herself.  And the cherry on top? Lena reveals that James never snooped around her vault, unknowingly revealing to Kara that Olson ain’t so truthful himself. The cycle of lies  just keeps getting crazier!

A Martian Bore

Sadly, one storyline was a complete flop this week. I love Carl Lumbly (he was brilliant on Alias), but I feel like the subplot between J’Onn and his dad is a total bore. It sucks the momentum right out of the show, and I find myself doing everything but focusing on my screen when these two appear. And can we please stop with that horrid White Martian CGI? The budget obviously can’t accommodate such lofty ambitions.

Super Bits

– Reign breaking up the lovey-doveyness in the teaser between Lena and James by crashing through the window was INSANELY satisfying. The kryptonite spray was also a cool touch.

– Brainy almost kissing Winn was a hoot.

– Invisible mansion? Really?

– I’m confused – young Sam used to draw the Reign emblem? I thought there were no signs of her transformation before this season?

– I need that Mama Luthor painting in my living room.

– Kickass moment: Kara shooting Reign out of the closet. Love Melissa’s delivery of “so much”.

– Patricia’s death wasn’t nearly as impactful as the show made it out to be.

– When Purity did that sonic scream, she sent people flying back. But Reign just makes them cringe in pain? Huh?

– Will we ever see Imara again? Honestly after she sent Mon-El back to Kara, I realized her character was both pointless and spineless. Dull.

– Alex leaving her phone and Ruby using it (thus drawing Reign to them) was the most contrived thing of all time. How does such a plot point even pass in a writer’s room?

– Super funky sequence with Reign torpedoing through the ground and then walking through, fire, ice and bullets.

– Did anyone else find the Ruby “not being a sinner” shtick too forced? Just me?

Quotes and Kara

Kara: You think I should be grateful that you learned how to make the one substance on this planet that can kill me?
Lena: Thousands of things can kill me, Supergirl. And everyone else on this planet. Fire. But we don’t go around banning bonfires or candles. Cars kill people every day, and yet we still have the courage to get in every morning and drive ourselves to work. There is one element on the planet that kills a Kryptonian, and you can’t tolerate its existence.
Kara: No.
Lena: You really do have a God complex.
Kara: Do you know what it’s like to walk into a room and your skin feel like it’s going to be seared off your bones? Or like nails are running through your blood? That’s what Kryptonite feels like.


Although it has its weaknesses, there’s enough action and thrilling momentum here to make this an exciting hour of Supergirl. 

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