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The Good Fight 2×11 – Day 478

"I think good causes start out being good and end up becoming mobs."

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I know I always say this but it always amazes me how timely The Good Fight is. The themes discussed in this hour (sexual consent, gender politics, Weinstein-esque forced oral sex) helped make the narrative feel so current and impactful.

Assholes to Avoid

Not only did I love the editing flourishes of the night in question as both Glen and Emily recounted their contrasting perspectives, I appreciated the fact that the show illustrated how no two characters could come to an agreement about who was right.  In fact, we even got an argument between Maia and Marissa which is probably a first for the show. The script even manages to touch on the #MeToo movement as Adrian and Liz argue over its “mob” mentality. Finally, although Gretchen (the owner of the blog), doesn’t get much screen-time, she gets to butt heads with our ladies (particularly Diane), and their banter is razor-sharp in true Good Fight fashion.

A New Leaf

It’s also intriguing to see Diane start Aikido classes of all things. Who would have ever pictured Diane in a martial arts class? It’s a brilliant development that completely subverts your expectations, and I so hope the show let her utilize these skills in the future. It would be a shame to forget about this gem of a subplot (and thankfully Robert and Michelle King never forget a thing).

Unfortunately, I sometimes feel like the writers don’t have a proper handle on Kurt and Diane’s relationship. It’s dragged on for a while, and if Kurt is indeed dedicated to his marriage now, then the writers really need to make Gary Cole a regular on the show. Otherwise, it just won’t make sense to have him drop by once every few episodes. Let’s see if they can finally salvage this dynamic.

Guess Who?

As satisfying as it was to discover that Whitehead was the shooter (this pays off the cases he was involved in previously), I’m wondering what exactly the show intends to tackle in its final 2 hours of the season? Will the lawyers-getting-shot narrative be put to rest? I sure hope not.

Finally, the ending is shockingly moving with Adrian’s touching speech to the firm upon his arrival. Delroy Lindo is superb here as tears start streaming down his cheeks. I won’t lie, I got emotional too (admit it, so did you!).

Bits & Cases

– I’m really loving those mini TV screens in the previously on segment. Super creative.

– Diane’s troubles with the UBER-like service…so relatable!

– Becky Ann Baker has appeared several times on The Good Fight and The Good Wife, so it was a pleasure to see her again as Alma Hoff. She’s a worthy opponent.

– Adrian calling Diane and Liz “the mafia” was hilarious.

– Amazing moment with Diane re-hiring Jay with a raise, only for Marissa to ask for a similar pay-bump. Obviously Diane ignores her.

– A nice bit of full circle continuity that acts as a direct contrast to the pilot: Diane’s accountant tells her that she’s made all her money back and that she could retire in France if she wanted to. Thank you Trump for the tax cuts!

– How come the Trump news report mentioned firecrackers in grizzly bear rectums? I thought these insane reports were the result of Diane’s microdosing? Is that the joke? That they were real the whole time?

– Love the touch of Diane having washed her hair and is totally comfortable after discovering her new hobby.

– Great visual gag with the camera panning away to reveal Lucca barefoot in the lobby.

– Lucca’s baby toy makes another appearance (or sound). Too funny.

– I would actually watch a spinoff with Lucca working for Barack and Michelle Obama. So many possibilities!

– Diane in a dress practicing aikido in her office is everything.

– Love how Diane asks Kurt if he voted for Trump. Thankfully the answer is no.

Good Lines

Diane: I mean, my life is pretty full right now.
Teacher: I know you think that, but it’s not.

Diane: You want to go after Assholes to Avoid?
Tom: Jerry doesn’t like swearing.
Diane: Well, neither do I, but that’s its name.

Diane: Marissa. Can you do this, or should I give it to Jay?
Marissa: No, I can do it. I just can’t turn my opinions off as I do.

Teacher: You are going to throw sensei.
Diane: No, I’m not.
Teacher: He’s going to come at you with a knife. Then you’re going to throw him.
Diane: Shouldn’t we talk about being at peace first?
Teacher: No.

Man: You are pregnant.
Lucca: Oh, no, no. Just fat.
Man: You’re joking.
Lucca: That’s right.

Diane: Do you know your problem?
Gretchen: I can’t wait.
Diane: You’re too busy name-calling to realize how much we agree with you.
Gretchen: And you’re too confident of your feminist credentials to realize we don’t need you. This is a young women’s fight.


We’re in the final stretch now and The Good Fight is still stronger than ever. Outstanding episode!

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