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Young Sheldon 1×22 – Vanilla Ice Cream, Gentleman Callers, and a Dinette Set

"I want you to stop spying on me with those binoculars like you're on some kind of African safari."


Back in September, I reviewed the Young Sheldon pilot having never seen its parent show: The Big Bang Theory. I was pleasantly surprised by the delightful comedy and stuck with it the entire season. It’s been a downright brilliant year – every single episode more hilarious than the last. Sadly, the finale is a bit of a letdown.

Granny Games

The problem with this finale is that it wastes too much time on a love triangle that came out of nowhere. I absolutely love Annie Potts’ performance as Connie “Meemaw” Tucker, but this subplot barely included her or Sheldon. In fact, we spent too much time focused on her boy-toys: Sturgis and Ira. Yes both characters are amusing, but only in small doses which is a sentiment this finale doesn’t seem to understand.

The episode’s finest moment? Meemaw talking about losing her husband and the loneliness and new reality she’d had to endure. It’s a supremely powerful scene, and Annie Potts knocks it out of the park. Of course George sobbing adds a super cute comedic touch to it that helps contrast the sadness.

The Elephant In The Room

I don’t watch The Big Bang Theory, so the finale’s closing moment with Sheldon revealing he’ll have kids one day did nothing for me. I understand Big Bang fans probably loved that bombshell but Young Sheldon has to be able to stand on its own two feet. I shouldn’t have to feel the need to bingewatch 12 seasons of the parent show to appreciate the ending. It’s a small detail, but it bugged me.

And the contract? Is that another Big Bang nod? Because otherwise it fell flat.

The Bright Side

I know it sounds like I’m hating on the show, but I genuinely adore it. This is the first time it’s disappointed me this season, which is a shame. Iain Armitage delivers stellar work week after week, and the supporting cast is outstanding. Raegan Revord and Montana Jordan are absolutely hysterical as Missy and Georgie Cooper, while Zoe Perry and Lance Barber are first-rate as the Cooper parents. This is truly one of the finest casts on television, and it’s a shame they got so little screen-time in the season finale no less.

Quips & Cooper

Meemaw: I have only seen you eat vanilla ice cream for dessert. Why is that?
Sturgis: Well, I’ve taken a page from the great physicist Richard Feynman.
In order to have one less decision in his life, he decided that dessert would always be chocolate ice cream.
Meemaw: Sounds like it could get kind of boring.
Sturgis: Oh, it does. But over the last 35 years, I believe I’ve saved at least a day and a half.

Sturgis: Question will we be engaging in coitus tonight? Because I believe I pulled a hamstring on the bike ride over.
Meemaw: Why didn’t you say something?
Sturgis: Well, I was trying to display machismo, but it’s becoming more and more clear that there’s something askew in my groin.

Meemaw: The Italians call it “corretto.” It means correcting the drink.
Mary: So, a drink without alcohol in it is wrong?
Meemaw: Yep. Italian people, they know what’s up.

Mary: Good Lord, did you even chew it?
Sheldon: Not the recommended amount, no.

Georgie: What’s he expect to see, staring at Meemaw’s house?
Missy: Did you just join this family? The kid’s an oddball.

Meemaw: Can you believe he tried to win me back with a dinette set?
George: I’d give you a dinette set if you’d leave Texas.

George: Sounds like you’re falling in love.
Meemaw: Maybe I am.
Sheldon: Excellent. I love him, too.


After a phenomenal debut season, this is an underwhelming finale that focuses on all the wrong things. Disappointing.

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