The Good Fight TV Review

The Good Fight 2×12 – Day 485

"This would kill Mom and Dad. Except they're already dead."

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The Good Fight is a sneaky show.

Deporting Dipersia

I’m not exactly attached to Jay, so the twist with him not being an American citizen wasn’t as big a gut-punch as the show probably wanted it to be. But Day 485 has enough tricks up its sleeves to make this an entertaining hour of television. The federal vs state court material shouldn’t be engaging, but the show makes it amusing thanks to a fast pace that just zips on by and the return of two insanely memorable judges. I used to love Judge Suzanne Morris on The Good Wife so it was fantastic to see her again. All her little tricks to help out our gang were absolutely brilliant – chief among them was her hinting at Jay to “act out” and cause a scene so she could hold him in contempt and protect him. How amazing was that?

Also making an appearance is Trump-appointed Federal Judge Trig Mullaney, and he’s as idiotic as he was the first time around. He’s the perfect embodiment of everything wrong with the system and he’s a hoot to watch. In addition, he makes for a welcome contrast to the bleakness of Jay’s situation as the investigator discovers that his birth certificate was forged.

Melania To The Rescue

The resolution to the birth certificate drama is pure perfection. Marissa wisely realizes Jay’s graphic novel talents makes him eligible for the Einstein visa, and Diane brings out the big guns by using Melania Trump as precedent. It’s a brilliant turn that’s even more impactful knowing Diane’s anti-Trump sentiments (which have been bubbling forth all season long). Also, whenever the show pairs Diane and Liz together on the same case, I’m a happy, happy man.

Bits & Cases

– Loved the teaser with Diane doing Aikido. I need more scenes of her kicking ass please.

– The judge chiming in through Skype was hilarious and exactly the kind of humor this show (and its parent show) are so good at.

– Jay’s sisters are awesome. I’d love to see them again in the future.

– Chumhum continuity! Wohooo.

– Epic bit with Marissa “micro-targeting” the Judge by putting Jay’s illustrations in an exhibition using Photoshop.

– Diane giving the art specialist her glasses to make him seem more serious was perfect.

– When Diane wins the Melania debate, there’s a great touch with the Seal crashing behind the judge.

– “It’s Coming”. What’s coming? I’m used to hearing this ominous line on sci-fi shows not in an everyday legal drama. I’m kind of intrigued I’ll admit.

– I didn’t notice at first but Jay is actually whistling The Good Fight theme in that final scene. How cool.

Good Lines

Liz: You seem calm. Why is that?
Diane: Mm, I have no choice.
Liz: That’s not true. You can, uh, panic. You can scream. You can throw something.
Diane: Yeah. To what end?
Liz: Breaking something.
Diane: The world has gone insane, Liz. The news is satire. It’s not real. The people blowing up grizzly bears have been put in charge of grizzly bears. So I’ve decided the only way to stay sane is to focus on my little corner of it.
My firm, the people in it. If I make my little corner of the world sane, then I won’t let the insanity win. That’s what I’ve learned.


It’s not the most amazing hour of The Good Fight, but this is yet another clever episode of a spectacular show. Bring on the season finale.

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