Season Finale The Good Fight TV Review

The Good Fight 2×13 – Day 492

"It's time to fight."


I can’t believe season two of The Good Fight is over. I never want to be without this show (even if just for a few months). It’s that good.

Lockhart The Assassin

Diane’s existential crisis has been captivating to watch this season, and it all comes to the forefront in Day 492 as she’s accused of being complicit in Tully’s “assassination” threats against President Trump. Of course we know Diane would never commit such crimes, but the case against her – complete with audio evidence – is chilling in its effectiveness. I love that the tapes are all from material we’ve seen before (Diane threatening to “take the streets”, and the infamous one night stand convo with Tully). I genuinely feared for Diane over the course of the episode, and wondered if she’d actually end up behind bars. That’s what makes the climax so satisfying: she decides to fight dirty and reveal the prosecutor’s affair, while finally committing to battling the status quo. I honestly got goosebumps. Christine Baranski must be absolutely ecstatic over the tremendous material she’s gotten this season.

In the midst of all the drama, the show also manages to inject some heartwarming romance as Diane and Kurt share a wordless sequence (since the house is bugged) and ultimately sleep together. I honestly found the entire scene (with the classical music blaring) to be beautiful, especially that Kurt later tells Diane he doesn’t want to know about Tully and just wants to start over. I’m rooting for these two again. Who would have thought?

A Motherfucking Baby

As a contrast to all the chilling darkness, Lucca in labor was an absolute hoot. From the constant swearing to the parents going head to head, everything about this subplot was tremendously amusing. I have no idea how little Joseph will affect the show next year, but I can’t wait to found out.

Thankfully, all the hilarity also provided room for Lucca to grow as a character. After her mother (perfectly played by Judith Light whom I hope returns next year) hit a nerve with her comments, Lucca bookended the hour with the realization that it’s her friends who are keeping her in Chicago (Colin is kind of forgettable which is a refreshing reveal). Obviously Lucca was never going to leave The Good Fight, but I’m glad her character arc was handled with such finesse.

Bits & Cases

– Lucca screaming out FUCK in court was just priceless.

– I love how Francesca answers the phone: “Down with Trump.” Ha!

– The funniest moment I’ve seen on TV all year: Diane asking Julian to take her place and Marissa assuming she’s addressing her and apologizing. I actually laughed out loud (the cherry on top was Marissa later tripping). God I love her.

– The female FBI agents who interviewed Diane were really sneaky with their fake smiles huh?

– Loved Diane borrowing a dollar and asking for a “consultation” From Liz. In fact, I loved everything about Liz being there for Diane after the tumultuous year they’ve had. Talk about female empowerment.

– Other hysterical bits: Lucca telling Maia to show Marissa how to open a door, Francesca screaming Cocksucker (before everybody joins in), and Francesca assuming the doctor is Lucca’s mom just because of her skin color. Ouch.

– There’s a very relatable moment with Diane taking a deep breath in Aikido before checking her phone and seeing the missed call from Kurt. So realistic.

– Did Diane spot Trump in the window for a second?

– Diane finally tells someone (Liz) about the Trump couple having sex. Doesn’t she realize they were hallucinations from her microdosing? Could they be real? I’m so confused and so intrigued.

– The flower pot transitioning into the opening credits made me smile.

– Love Adrian’s idea to buy back illegal guns using the 10 million dollars. Of course the “functioning idiots” just wanted an ad campaign and a jingle.

– Beautiful cinematography with Diane walking out of the shadows in the parking lot. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing the pornstar again next year, especially that Diane leaves the flower pot yet again at episode’s end. The pee-pee tape adventures aren’t over.

– Badass moment: Kurt telling the prosecutor to get the fuck out of his house.

– Mark my words: we’ll be seeing the NRA woman from the committee again next year. – Her bikini gun-training video was hilariously sad.

– Diane typing “I want to fuck you right now.” ‘Nuff said.

– I can’t believe Ruth threw Diane under the bus. Robert and Michelle King are so cynical; I love it.

– I could watch the gang drink champagne together all day. I also love that they all toast Joseph’s birth since this season has proved what a horrible place this world is. Everybody needs a little optimistic and hope for the future.

– Great continuity: a nod to last year’s finale with Adrian’s sentiments about a county of laws. It’s the perfect way to thrust Diane on her reinvigorated journey.

– Loved Adrian writing the proposal since no one took minutes.

– So reporters are now the ones being killed off, and the show brilliantly uses the clip of Trump talking about the impending “storm” and links it to Trump tweeting about the so-called storm.  Wow. Genius. I can never get over how timely this show is.

– The lawyer jingle playing over the end credits was genius. And were those items reverse exploding? Brilliant.

Good Lines

Diane: So, what do I call you? Deep Throat?
Pornstar: No, I don’t do deep throat. Just double penetration and girl-on-girl.

Lucca: (to Maia) Can you show Marissa how to use a door?

Diane: This past month, I’ve been feeling at peace and in control. And I realized that’s not enough.
Liz: Why not?
Diane: Because people are out to get me. It’s time to fight.


An outstanding season finale for one of my favorite shows of all time. This has been a spectacular season and this closer is just as impressive.

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  1. I loved Lucca’s mom asking her who would she want to come home to, this is a clear reference to The Good Wife series finale when Alicia imagines coming home to Peter, Will or just by herself. It kind of make me want to cry as Lucca realized she would not stay alone. She has very good friends that will take care of her.

  2. Another bit I loved: (I don’t do) Deep Throat disappears into the shadows when Diane is looking away, but seconds later, zips past her saying “My car is this way.” 😂😂😂

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