Dietland 1×04 – F…This

"Pretty hurts, but ugly hurts more."


I love that Dietland has a very inspiring message about accepting yourself despite your flaws. Plum’s journey is very relatable, and one that you get invested in from the very start.

Plum Goes Pretty

I was unsure what Plum undergoing The New Baptist Plan would look like, but if she’s going to be paired with Marlowe (hilariously played by Alanna Ubach), then I’m so on board. Joy Nash and Ubach play off each other beautifully, and it’s both hysterical and heartbreaking to watch Plum undergo the transformation towards”Bangability”. Props to Nash for really committing to the role – this show really asks her to showcase her vulnerabilities both physically (there are lots of compromising positions like the wax scene on all fours) and emotionally (all her numerous breakdowns). Someone give this girl an Emmy asap!

Kitty Can Scratch

Julianna Margulies continues to knock it out of the park with her delightful performance. In the span of only a couple of episodes, Kitty is already an immensely memorable character. Not only does she get all the fun one-liners, but she fights for what she believes in (even if that’s a cover of a magazine). Moreover, whether she’s a calling a bunch of old white men “little babies”, or ordering Stanley to support her Jennyfer plan, Kitty is not afraid to stand up against the patriarchy. But my favorite moment was her blackmailing Austin Media’s sleazy CFO with the intel about his affair with her assistant. It’s so satisfying to see someone getting bullied turn the tables on their oppressor.

Bits & Bodies

– Plum starts taking selfies of herself with the cake after her makeover. It’s such a interesting moment because you can see that her transformation is finally beginning and she’s starting to buy into the whole “pretty” thing. Wow.

– There’s a great POV shot of women angrily staring at Dominic as he walks on the street. The sequence perfectly conveys how the female population’s rage is simmering to a boiling point.

– Anyone else feel like Mrs. Kettle and Verena are going to become best friends?

– Kitty sees hundreds of post-its on the mirror in the bathroom, which tips her off to how influential Jennyfer is.

– It’s very telling that Kitty only accepts Plum’s makeover after the latter lies that her new look is the result of a family member dying. Ouch.

– The visual of Plum with the surgeon’s pencil marks all over her is really powerful.

– Dominic wants Plum to keep hanging out at Calliope House. He also thinks it’s linked to Jennyfer. Hmm…

– Very funny visual: Kitty hitting the drone.

– So Kitty and Stanley used to sleep together. I wonder if Abra knows.

Diets & Digs

Kitty: One man’s terrorist is another woman’s liberator.

Marlowe: It sure as hell is not about what you want. It’s about what men want.

Kitty: You used to be a lion.
Stanley: Maybe. Is that why you stopped screwing me?
Kitty: I stopped screwing you long before you stopped fighting me.

Kitty: I didn’t want to be the hero. I still wanted to be the hero’s girlfriend.


Another week, another witty and engaging episode from Dietland. I’m loving this show.

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