Dietland 1×05 – Plum Tuckered

"Suck my dick, Plum."


That was harsh. Like really really harsh.

The Gloves Come Off

As much as I adore Julianna Margulies, it was really hard to see Kitty verbally abuse Plum in such a brutal manner. Their big face-off is obviously the highlight of Plum Tuckered, but it’s also very depressing to see a successful woman tear a fellow woman down after a man snuffs out her power. Nevertheless, Kitty’s attack further illuminates how complicated these dynamics are, and how difficult it is for women to band together in a patriarchy.

Dates Galores

Plum’s various dates as part of the New Baptist Plan are heartbreaking to watch.  First there’s Aidan, who seems like an awesome guy at first only to ditch our girl when she goes to the bathroom. Her second date doesn’t even show up, and the third dude has a fetish: he gets hard watching big girls eat. All these experiences do an effective job of showcasing how rejected Plum feels, nudging her along to that final moment where she arrives at Calliope House and utters the ominous words “I’m ready.” Final guesses people: is Verena behind Jennifer?

A Missing Spark

Unfortunately, Plum and Dominic have zero chemistry as the show’s central will-they-won’t-they couple. That means that the bombshell ending is somewhat less effective because we’re not really invested in their dynamic. Dominic revealing that he’s married with kids should feel like a grave betrayal of Plum’s trust, but I felt absolutely nothing. Dietland sadly dropped the ball here, but there’s still room to salvage the storyline. I think…

Bits & Bodies

– Lots of cool visual touches this week: the flowers withering away and dying as Plum walks by, the dark cloud hovering above our heroine, the lightning bolt frying Jack, and of course that unforgettable visual of Plum getting rained on INSIDE the bus. Wow!

– Love Kitty putting Cheryl in her place after the interview.

– Who is that woman at Calliope House with the burnt face? Any theories?

– I love how Plum put the two bullies in their place in the restaurant. It’s too bad Aiden still ditches her.

– Stella Cross’ cemetery death was odd: how did Jennifer know someone would throw their cigarette on the gasoline and set everything on fire? Very contrived if you ask me.

– Julia crying over Stella Cross felt strange. W

– I will never get over Kitty telling Plum to suck her dick.

– I can’t believe that guy actually PUNCHED Plum. What a gentleman. Good thing Dominic gave him a dose of his own medicine.

– Leeta’s face is on the billboard. Can’t say I’m invested in the character and care that now she’s being targeted as the “face of Jennifer”. She’s too underdeveloped.

Diets & Digs

Kitty: Tell me you haven’t thought about it. All those years of being demeaned and harassed and screwed over just because we wanted to sit at the table with the big boys? You know these guys. They don’t listen to “please” or fairness.
Tell me you’ve never wished you could pull the trigger.
Cheryl: That is not the same as doing it.
Kitty: I am not doing it. I’m finding my voice. And if that proves profitable, all the better.
Cheryl: Is it your voice? I mean, I know we’re all confused, we’re goddamn traumatized.
Kitty: That’s enough. Stay in your goddamn lane, Cheryl.

Kitty: Do you know what I went through to get here? What I really went through? I sucked a lot of dick. The actual dick was a picnic compared to the assholes I had to flatter and humor and cater to while the whole goddamn time I was smarter and better at the job. But I did it. I smiled and nodded and took loads of shit.
All to get to the day Stanley would say, “Do what you want, Kitty. I trust you.” What did I do? I listened to you.
Plum: I never… it was your choice
Kitty: Yeah. Maybe. But you went out of your way to convince me that you were something other than what you are: a basement-dwelling malcontent with an axe to grind.

Jack: You’re so lush, you’re Rubenesque, your face, it’s a ten, your body is – Kitty: Stop.
Jack: What? I thought-
Kitty: You thought what? Since I’m fat, I should be desperate? I’ll be grateful for whatever I can get? Guess what. Your face is a three. Four, tops. But I was willing to overlook that, maybe, because you seemed nice. You’re just like the rest of ’em. You’re a creep and a user. You should climb back into the slimy little cuck cage you came from, pervert.


It has its off moments, but there’s a lot of narrative momentum here and some great character development for our heroine. Dietland continues to be a pleasant surprise with a strong message.

Nad Rating


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