Dietland 1×07 – Monster High

"Change is hard, that's why most people don't do it."

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Full of Joy

It’s fascinating how monumental Plum’s journey has been this season. The character has transformed completely since the pilot, and Joy Nash has brought this complicated arc to life beautifully. Just look at her swagger in Monster High – she oozes confidence and attitude in every little thing that she does. The body language, the vocal inflections – every little nuance is so remarkable.

It’s also worth noting that this episode contains the show’s single greatest scene thus far: Plum and Steven’s all-out verbal battle in the coffeeshop. It’s such a heated and emotionally-charged exchange that wonderfully embodies Plum’s journey and pain, not to mention Steven’s own insecurities. It cuts straight to the heart (you can read it below), and both Nash and Tramell Tillman are just incredible here.

Kitty Comeback

Kitty is relegated to the sidelines this week, but it’s still intriguing to see her start to forge her own uprising. After she finds herself shunned from her social circle and physically threatened by Stanley, she tasks Dominic with taking out her former boss. Although I don’t love Dominic, it’s a thrilling development because Kitty is the underdog now, and you’re just rooting for her to regain her power. Plus the sight of Julianna Margulies smelling fries (instead of eating them) is just hysterical.

A Little Confusion

I don’t know if it’s Dietland‘s intent, but I’m getting a bit confused by who is and isn’t affiliated with Jennifer. Is Fiona the suicide bomber  part of the organization? She might jus be mentally ill. Is Julia affiliated? Probably. Is Verena? Doesn’t look like it as she opposes violence. I wish the motivations were a little clearer, but the attack on the team was suitably shocking and impactful. It’s always good when things escalate en route to the finale. Only three episodes to go people!

Bits & Bodies

– Loved the opening VO in the previously segment. It’s pretty witty and the show should do it every week.

– Did Plum steal that shirt? Because she throws a tag in the trash. I also love how she just laughs in the guy’s face after her calls her a “fat bitch”. God people are mean.

– I love that Plum’s wearing a Fight Club shirt as Calliope House reminded me quite a bit of that film.

– Steven comparing Jennifer to Al Qaeda was really funny.

– Did the show just forget about Marlowe? She had 3 seconds of screen-time this week, which is more than she’s had in weeks.

– So Kitty’s new office has a view of the steam room? Oh how the mighty have fallen.

– I love Sana, and Ami Sheth is so endearing in the role. The scene in which she drew Plum’s figure with the spray was really sweet. More scenes with her please!

– Stanley is weird.

– I really wish Plum had gotten her money back, but it was worth it to see her graffiti smile back at her.

– Dominic saving Plum after she gets arrested was bit too easy no?

– Are those Julia’s actual sisters? Hmm…

Digs & Diets

Plum: All these women getting beaten and screwed and humiliated – they’re me. But they’re also Alicia, my thin woman within. They look just like Alicia. They’re thin and perky and glossy for what? They get strangled, violated, killed. There is no there there. I could work my whole life to be someone’s ideal – to be lovable to someone. And even if I get there, I’m still not safe. Say I lose the weight, get the surgeries, I fit in with all the perfect size twos of the world – all I’ve done is turn myself into better fodder for the predators. All my life I’ve been trying to turn myself into better prey. Incredible?
Steven: Losing weight will turn you into better prey. How about staying fat will kill you?

Steven: You know not all women are victims. Not all women are prey.
Plum: How would you know?
Steven: How? I’m a gay black man from the south Plum.

Plum: Game over. Fat woman wins. I can’t pass. There’s nowhere I can go to escape. Not work, not home, not the bus, not even inside my damn head.

Plum: You can’t understand what it’s like to be a woman. We are not safe anywhere.

Verena: Violence is never the answer.
Julia: Maybe not for rich white women!


Although the narrative can be a bit murky, this is still a powerful hour that capably escalates the momentum into the final stretch.

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