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Underdog of the Week – Tramell Tillman

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Tramell Tillman currently stars as Steven on AMC’s Dietland.

Do you watch a lot of TV? What are your favorite shows?

I have fallen behind with TV. There is so much programming lately I have been playing catch up. Shows I am currently watching are: The Handmaid’s Tale, The Good Wife (Go Julianna!), and Silicon Valley. I just finished Dear White People and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I eagerly await digging into Westworld!

How did you land the role of Steven on Dietland?

I landed the role of Steven while I was in LA. I just moved there from NY. I auditioned like crazy and after a few months, Dietland came across my radar. I met with Marti Noxon and Joy Nash along with other members of the producing and casting team. It was magic. I had a ball in the room. Next thing I knew after being in LA for 4 months, I was packing up to come back to NYC.

Your character was female in the book. Did that affect how you approached the role in any way?

The character change didn’t at all affect my approach to the role. Authenticity and chemistry were paramount for telling this story. I wanted to be sure I was the best supportive friend Plum needed for her journey.

Dietland’s directors are all female. How does that compare to working with male directors?

All of the directors on the show are female except for one. The level of sensitivity and clarity of vision is essential for a show of this magnitude. I value working with intelligent, socially conscious artists. It truly creates a collaborative experience that both satisfies and entertains.

Tell us about working with Joy Nash. The chemistry is electric and you two genuinely feel like best friends on-screen!

Working with Joy is a sheer delight. She is her name: Joy. Her energy is bright and bubbly. Her personality is warm, encouraging, open and has a laugh that is extremely infectious. I enjoy working with her. I’m glad I know her. 🙂

Which do you personally think is the strongest episode in Dietland’s first season?

It’s hard to say which is the strongest episode. Belly of the Beast is brutal. From Julia’s transformation to Plum’s discovery of the “back room,” the images are vivid and visceral. I wish I could say it dies down from there, but it keeps going. This show isn’t holding back, haha.

What would you like to see the show explore with regards to Steven if it gets renewed for season two?

I would love to explore Steven’s perspective of the world in which he lives. I am interested in learning of his past, pain, his concerns. There seem to be multiple layers to Steven and as the chaos ensues around him I look forward to seeing those layers reveal itself.

Dietland airs every Monday on AMC at 9/8c.

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