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Sharp Objects 1×02 – Dirt

"Some killers want to get caught."


After watching the Sharp Objects pilot last week, I couldn’t stop thinking about the show the entire week. This is a disturbing tale that digs its claws into your psyche and never lets go. I’m pleased to report that this episode is another solid outing for the miniseries.

Uneasy Silence

The thing about Sharp Objects is that all the discomfort comes from the stuff these characters don’t say. I’m a nervous wreck while watching the show – constantly wondering when Adora or Camille will go berserk on one another and unleash all the pain stemming from their still-ambiguous history. I still can’t place if it was just a case of Adora preferring Marian over Camille, or if there was actual physical abuse involved, but it’s all so deeply sinister and uncomfortable. Flashbacks like a young Camille kneeling before her mother at her sister’s funeral (and getting pushed aside) do wonders to convey just how nuanced the bond between these women is.

Moreover, last week’s ending with Camille’s body plastered with self-induced scars is taken to the next level as we witness our heroine purchasing sharp objects and proceeding to cut herself underneath her nails (it’s as horrifying as it sounds) among other places. I can’t remember the last time I watched a show tackle self-harm so explicitly, so I’m curious to see this complex disorder explored even further. It doesn’t exactly make for feel-good television, but Amy Adams is just outstanding!

White Horrors

While I still don’t have a clue as to who might be behind the deaths of Natalie and Ann, the “woman in white” is certainly a creepy addition to the culprit lineup. Is she just a hallucination on Camille’s part or something more? The fact that little gun-wielding James saw her too means there’s definitely the possibility that someone is indeed going around trying to make the town myth a reality. It helps that the cinematography and editing continue to be masterful, effectively transporting us into this dreary town as the past and present intersect in stunning ways. I genuinely have no idea what’s real and what isn’t at this point! Amazing.

Bits & Booze

– It’s a small moment, but notice how Adora takes the knife from Camille before she tries to cut the apple. And then their helper takes the blade from Adora. I’m guessing mom also has a history of self-harm?

– I absolutely love Elizabeth Perkins as Jackie. She’s a hoot with all the gossiping, and yet you feel she genuinely loves Camille and tries her best to make her smile. More screen-time for Perkins please!

– Amy Adams’ face when Jackie confirms that everybody at the funeral was waiting for Camille and her mom to arrive: super awkward!

– So step-dad Alan plays the piano? I honestly didn’t expect that!

– Adora trying to stop Camille from taking notes during the funeral was wonderfully cringeworthy.

– It’s a small detail, but Camille’s dress rips when she rushes out of the funeral (she had previously said that it’s a bit tight around the hips).

– Again, Curry doesn’t get much screen-time but we do learn that his wife Eileen believes he’s obsessed with trying to fix Camille. And he might be an alcoholic too.

– Those mean girls at the funeral seriously lived up to their name huh?

– Camille releases the spider into the wild. Foreshadowing to her releasing a killer perhaps?

– Everyone including Detective Willis (after pulling out a pig’s teeth) is convinced that only a man and his brute strength can pull off the murders. Hmmm…

– It says a lot that Camille can walk by her mother sobbing on the bed and NOT console her.

– Notice how Camille picks up her mom’s eyelashes at her sister’s funeral and tries to find comfort in them since her mom doesn’t reciprocate her love.

– I love that the show is continuing with placing key words in blink-and-you’ll-miss-em moments. This week I caught “scared” on Camille’s car, but it later turned to “sacred” which is particularly bizarre.

– Disgusting: the guys making the “four blowjobs” joke with Camille at the bar. I’m guessing her being considered promiscuous as a child is a big plot point (especially since we had that pilot flashback with her in the woods with the guys).

– So the “whatever” sweater isn’t something Camille imagined? Because she actually mentions it to Curry during their phone-call.

– What is up with Amma? First she steals vodka with her friends, then she has a super random crying fit at home.

– I’m not sure that Camille sending that email was the monumental moment the show made it out to be. Kind of fell flat to me!

– Did anybody else get the feeling that Camille was about to masturbate with that sharp object in the hour’s final moments? Or was she just cutting her stomach?

Quotes & Camille

Jackie: You tackled those demons.
Camille: My demons are not remotely tackled. They’re just mildly concussed.

Camille: If somebody says “bless your heart,” what they really mean is “fuck you.

Camille You’re a sick fuck.
Willis: Bless your heart.


A gripping follow-up to last week’s powerful debut. Sharp Objects is just fascinating!

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  1. Alright I’m gonna be brutally honest: I don’t like this show AT ALL. I don’t know if I’ve gotten soft or something, but I can’t enjoy shows that make me feel sick to my stomach (also why I couldn’t finish the latest season of Handmaid’s Tale).

    But in my own defense, I really find some flaws in this show that go beyond “it’s dark and creepy”. For one, I couldn’t finish this episode in one sitting. It’s definitely slower than the book (which I also have some issues with lol). I like the cinematography but I find all the sudden cuts to random flashbacks then back to present time quite jarring and an unpleasant experience. That’s probably what they’re going for, but I don’t know why I’m not a fan of this type of editing.

    Of course, Amy Adams is incredible. Her body language alone is amazing, but I don’t know if it’s enough to keep me watching! I’ll try one more episode.

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