Dietland 1×08 – Rad Fatties

"Suddenly, penis power isn't so essential."


My heart is broken.

No Means No

I can’t get over those final ten minutes. A lot of people assume Dietland is a “comedy”, but this unique creation is so much more than that. It’s an insightful look into one woman’s arduous journey to finding her voice and her inner confidence. Obviously, her path is not an easy one, and Plum’s rape in this hour’s final moments is harrowing to watch. Joy Nash completely detaches during the assault, and the look on her face is a complex mixture of regret, fear, sadness, and resignation – it’s utterly unforgettable. Creator Marti Noxon eloquently explained on Twitter that Plum’s rape is meant to illustrate how consent differs from person to person. Jack genuinely believes that Plum wants him, and he feels zero guilt – as evidenced by him asking her to spend the night after the attack. It’s disgusting and horrible, and it’s impeccably realized.

I hate that Plum was raped. I absolutely hate it. But I’m also proud of Dietland for tackling the storyline in such a timely and thought-provoking manner.

Hello Spotlight

Rad Fatties is also a memorable affair because it features Plum’s live interview (as ordered by Kitty), which subsequently sends shockwaves through Calliope House after our heroine reveals their work. I loved the all-out face-off with Barbara, Rubi and Sana imploding at Plum with varying degrees of anger (as Verena struggles to control the chaos). Although we thankfully spent some time with Sana recently, I’d love to see added screen-time with Barbara and Rubi to find out what makes them tick. The sequence does a tremendous job of conveying Plum being backed into a corner, and trying to lash out in any which way she can to defend herself. These women are stronger together, and it’s a gut-punch watching them clash.

Bits & Bodies

– The outies and innies montage that begins the hour is absolutely EPIC. Did you spot Weinstein and the rest of the pervs? So timely.

– Loved the Lysistrata definition appearing on screen. Fascinating!

– Super cool visual with Plum imagining the judge screaming at her and fining her 15 million dollars after getting served. That escalated quickly!

– Stanely is seriously disgusting. Not only does he have a “men take” attitude, he tries to bribe Dominic to hide some mysterious reports (which Kitty thankfully knows of). There’s just nothing redeemable about this slime-ball.

– Heartbreaking moment with Dominic getting a call from his son which gives Plum a reality check as she scurries off.

– Hilarious moment with Julia and her sisters discussing some new “energy” trend at the restaurant as a cover.

– Did anyone else get Buffy season six vibes from this episode? Not just the assault but all the talk about power (which admittedly is more from season seven of that show). Did you know that creator Marti Noxon is known for “ruining” Buffy (as she hilariously states on her Twitter bio). I actually loved her work on the show!

– Mya Taylor who plays Barbara is a transgender actress! I truly appreciate the diversity on Dietland.

-The graffitis coming to life this week were super nifty. There’s Plum marching down the street with her army, and then a depressed Plum on the wall when she’s back in her room after the fight. These visuals really imbue the show with a distinct style.

– So Julia is rich huh? She offers the Jennifer lady a big sum of money to stop the madness but it doesn’t look like she’ll be taken up on that offer. I bet the season finale is going to be explosive (literally).

– Cheryl is finally experiencing first-hand how nasty Stanely is. I can totally see her joining Jennifer!

– Stanley mentions that wives of the Penis 100 are disappearing. Hmm…interesting.

Digs & Diets

Stanley: That is the wealthy man’s secret, my friend. Always let other people fight your battles.

Kitty: Nothing says “Let’s make up” like a lawsuit.

Kitty: I want a sort of “out at the opera in Venice” vibe.
Eladio: Hmm. Pomegranate.
Kitty: Darker. Is Advil a hue? It should be.

Kitty: (to Eladio) Crackers? Is bloated in now?

Kitty: Careful. Even 15 minutes of fame can do strange things to people’s heads. So, what are your plans for your future?
Plum: Just not being here. It’s probably why I’m glowing.

Stanley: (mocking Cheryl) “I’m a serious journalist!” They watch you for your tits, honey.


With a helluva disturbing ending and some intricate character work, Rad Fatties is definitely  another winner in this terrific debut season.

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