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Underdog of the Week – Ami Sheth

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Ami Sheth currently stars on Dietland.

Do you watch a lot of TV? If yes, what are your favorite shows?

I do watch alot of TV. There is something so intimate about stories coming into your home that made me want to do TV. My fave show right now is The Handmaid’s Tale. It is so beautifully shot, written and acted.

How did you get the role of Sana on Dietland?

I auditioned for the role and soon after heard from my agents that I was chosen. It has been such an honor playing this strong and unconventional character.

You’ve previously mentioned that the show has all female directors. How does that compare to working with male directors?

Having all female directors and female leads really changes the on-set dynamic. Everyone was so supportive and nurturing. There was always hugs and we quickly became like family.

Tell us about working with Joy Nash, particularly in the scene from this week’s episode in which you reveal the backstory behind your scar?

Joy is an amazingly talented and giving actor. It was extremely easy to play her friend because being around her makes you want to be her friend in life. The scene where Sana reveals where her scars come from is a really important one because in sharing something so terrible and personal, Plum finds a confidante and begins to open up and drop the walls she has built around herself.

What about the scene in the Porn Hub installation? That must have been an interesting scene to film.

It was! Its funny how shocking it was at first but you quickly became a bit immune to it.

Do you get to share any one-on-one scenes with Robin Weigert? How is it working with her?

Robin and I have a really amazing scene together in episode 9 so stay tuned! She is a really generous person and actor to work with. Much like her character Verena, she has a way of putting you at ease.

The prosthetic covers a significant part of your face and prevents you from hearing from your left ear. Tell us about acting with that challenge (not to mention the opaque contact you have to wear).

It was pretty challenging to not have much use of the left side of my face! Not hearing much and seeing much made me really concentrate and focus on whatever character I was speaking to. It also forced me to keep Sana very grounded and subtle. I think it adds to Sana’s intensity.

What do you personally think is the strongest episode in Dietland’s first season?

I think episode 6 is one of the strongest episodes because it is when Plum has her “awakening”. Its pretty much the turning point of the Season and things start to get really outrageous.

Dietland airs every Monday on AMC at 9/8c.

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