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Sharp Objects – Fix (Season 1 Episode 3)

"You hate this place but you love dead girls."


Sharp Objects is really shaping up to be one of the finest series of the year.

Flashback Frights

Instead of applying the usual quick cuts, Fix is most notable for featuring the show’s most coherent flashbacks yet: we get to fully witness Camille’s short-lived stay in a psychiatric facility where she meets a young girl called Alice. Played to perfection by Sydney Sweeney, Alice has a powerful effect on Camille (in fact, she’s the one responsible for our heroine’s music obsession), and her ultimate suicide is a true heartbreaker. Amy Adams is just superb throughout this subplot, capably conveying the hope and love that she feels when she begins to bond with Alice, only to lose it all by episode’s end. Alice’s introduction also clarifies the identity of the mysterious girl that Camille keeps flashing to in present day, which is further proof that her friend’s suicide had an enormous effect on her. Can we see more of Alice at one point please?

The Sinister Sibling

The parallels between Alice and Amma’s self-destructive ways are of course obvious, but the latter also proves to be a shockingly creepy presence in the show’s world. The manner in which Amma disarms Willis and Camille in the parking lot while circling them (with her roller-skating gang of vultures) is packed with sinister undertones. Something tells me these little girls are far from harmless!

It’s worth noting that Eliza Scanlen is superb as Amma. Whether she’s sticking lollipop in Camille’s hair, or stumbling back drunk in a seemingly vulnerable state, the character constantly feels like she has something to hide. Yup, she fits into this venomous town perfectly!

The Blame Game

Fix is also notable for showcasing just how twisted a mother Adora is. It’s little scenes like her picking her finger on the rose and blaming it on her daughter that showcase just how unhealthy Camille’s childhood was. Moreover, Adora not only causes havoc for Camille at home, but proceeds to interrupt her investigation (as she is interviewing Nash), further illuminating how domineering she is and hellbent on maintaining the family’s facade. Suffice to say, Patricia Clarkson is certainly having a ball with this one!

Bits & Booze

– I like the fact that it was Camille who checked herself into the hospital.

– The broken iPod that Camille uses in present day is Alice’s right?

– It’s a quick cut, but notice how Camille eyes the knife in the diner.

– Camille’s screams in the car are just gut-wrenching.

– Why is Amma at the hog farm? Is she sleeping with that employee or just mothering the little animal? It was seriously unsettling.

– When Camille meets Alice, she shows her the words “fuck you” carved on her torso. How polite!

– Anyone else feel like Chief Vickery and Adora are sleeping together? Notice how he takes her hand. Ew.

– More hidden words this week: the word PERKY flashes on Meredith’s purse as she walks away from Camille. Also, the road sign as Camille speeds out of town reads SPITEFUL instead of “St. Louis”.

– Meredith reminded me of Adora in the way she kept trying to position John’s behavior in that interview to make herself look better.

– Why doesn’t Adora let Alan stay in the room with her? His muffled screams at the end were super strange.

– Notice how Alan uses music to escape, much like Camille (and Alice before her).

– The most harrowing moment I’ve seen all week: Camille stumbling onto Alice’s dead body and unscrewing the bathroom screw before using it to cut herself. This explains why she’s been eying bathrooms the past few episodes.

– When did Camille carve “fix” on her arm? Was that Alice she imagined on the road? And most important of all, did she really throw her phone out the window? Questions to ponder.

Quotes & Camille

Nash: It was a man. I’d put money on it. The women around here, they don’t kill with their hands. They talk, and you’re dead.

John: I miss that in the city you can you can walk outside your front door and there’s people all around you. And they don’t know a thing about you. You could be anyone.

Alice: Camille? Does it get better with your family? Maybe when I’m older, like you?
Camille: No. Not really.
Alice: So what do you do?
Camille: You survive.

Willis: So let me guess. You were like a preacher’s daughter? Looks, money, and brains?
Camille: Well, looks and money will get you pretty far in this town.
Willis: And brains?
Camille: That’ll get you out of this town.


Sharp Objects is disturbing, must-see television. This is the show’s strongest episode yet!

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  1. You can disregard my comment on the previous episode because this was amazing. Much more coherent, and actually quite compelling.

    I still find the show too slow-paced for my taste, but the whole Alice subplot was riveting and so darn distressing. I don’t remember if she was part of the book or not (probably was).

    As for the words that we sometimes see (like SPITEFUL and PERKY), I’m pretty sure those are words that Camille is carving on her body later. The book had a similar gimmick where if she heard a word she found interesting, it was written in italics on a new line, which always sent a chill down my spine because that meant Camille will be cutting herself later and marking that word on her body.

    I’m intrigued, Nad. I’ll keep watching after all haha

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