Trial & Error

Trial & Error – The Murder Clock / A Hole In The Case (Season 2 Episodes 3-4)


How could one comedy be so darn funny? Seriously somebody give me an answer because this show just blows my mind.

Endless Laughs

The average sitcom has a bunch of jokes that fall flat, but that’s not the case with Trial & Error – every single line and set-piece is a bonafide success. Why? Because the show’s zany world and colorful characters are just so impeccably realized. Lavinia’s inclusion in the show this year is a definite win in my book; Kristin Chenoweth is hysterical in the role, capably blending top-notch physical comedy and sharp one liners to maximum effect. Can she stay on the show forever?

A Bigger World

There’s a lot of terrific world-building in these two hours, further deepening the show’s narrative. Details like the veterinary gynecology clinic and the insurance brokerage (featuring casual tees) do a terrific job of making the show feel very lived-in. In addition, the return of running gags like the flag-waving preceding female drivers basically means you get rewarded for never missing an episode. This is how you elevate your sitcom to the next level in its sophomore season.

Also, can Michael the handwriting specialist join the show full-time please? I love how he built “tension” and analyzed our cast: Dwayne has a 5-year old’s handwriting, Anne is deeply sensual, Lavinia is a royal with delusions of grandeur, and Josh writes like a 14 year old girl (and he objects with a 14 year old voice too).

Anne’s Ailments

I need to mention that Anne’s ailments continue to be wonderfully creative (seriously writers you’re outdoing yourselves). First we have her dog-like hearing (which allows her to hear the incomprehensible judge clearly), followed by the random hand raising (which gives us that epic visual gag of Josh Segal triumphantly high-fiving Sherri Shepherd). Anne’s various disorders could have been a real flop if they weren’t handled so cleverly, but they’ve become such a pivotal part of the show in my eyes.

Bits & Bail

– Lavinia’s hairless Sphnyx cat is called Fluffy. I died.

– Loved the gag with Dwayne pushing the cameraman. Has the show ever done that before?

– Quick but hilarious moments: Anne hearing Fluffy gargling in Lavinia’s purse, Dwayne’s chemical line loop, Lavinia’s wine burps, and OF COURSE Lavinia wrapping up lunch and dumping everything (including Josh’s phone) out the window.

– Unforgettable sight: Flashback Carol going berserk and throwing shoes at the witness which is basically the origin story of Judge KamilTow losing his voice.

– Lavinia carries plates in her purse. Shocker!

– Sherri Shepherd’s “waka waka” shtick with the bartender was comedy gold.

– The magazine that Carol is reading at the vet is called Furtility. Let that sink in.

– I kind of want to major in Air Conditioning now!

– Nina notices that Josh has old-lady taste. So accurate! And I love the quick cuts of her updating her podcast with all the intel she gathers from him.

– The fax with the Lavinia/Rony Del Mundo reveal was a great ending to episode three (complete with the gun in the microwave bit).

– Notice that Josh is reading Larry’s book from the season premiere.

– If you were wondering why Lavinia refers to Josh as “lawyer”, now you know that she never learned another boy’s name after Rony’s death.

– How sexist is East Peck? Carol’s competitor uses his ability to pee standing up as a selling point in his ad campaign. Thank God Carol’s intern proposed the laundry basket visual and the “yes you Keane” line. Too amusing!

– The poor girl saying she’s starving and being completely unimpressed by the clock was heartbreakingly funny.

– More Lavinia moments (yes I want to list them all): her messing up the Christian gesture thing, shouting out “over here dear” to the witness, and repeatedly slapping Milton Buckley, her houseboy.

– Anne is also the notary!

– E-bay is a person in East Peck. So is Pay Pal. Why am I not surprised?

– Anne accidentally bidding on John Lithgoat was incredible. Plus she brought the goat along later! Major props for continuity; most show would just forget.

– Only Dwayne would install a one-way mirror backwards.

– The pool peeing was hysterically gross.

– Damn Carol can JUMP!

– I love that the show can still feature a kicker of a cliffhanger with the secret tunnel that Anne accidentally dumps Dwayne through.

Digs & Depositions

Josh: I told you not to be late to the evidentiary hearing.
Dwayne: I’m sorry I couldn’t obtain the evidench.

Lavinia: Careful of those chemicals. Fluffy got in here 30 years ago, lost all his hair and became immortal.

Lavinia: Lawyer I’m an open book. Literally there’s a book on that table about me… and it’s open!

Lavina: These are fantastic houseboy. What do you call them?
Milton: Pears.

Josh: The main thing we have going for us is…
Dwayne: Whitbeoard. Markets. Fingers. I don’t know!
Anne: Just tell us, you’re hurting him!

Anne: I have a condition called St. Vitus Dance, which causes me to uncontrollably raise my hand. It’s how I accidentally joined the Marines for three years. Semper Fi.

Lavinia: Ronnie was my friend. He left an indelible mark on my heart… and driveway.

Michael: This is what we in the handwriting and carny biz would call “fugly”.

Josh: How often do you pee in the pool?
Milton: Not very often. But the gardeners, I don’t even think they have bathrooms at home.


Two absolutely incredible episodes that prove why Trial & Error is one of the funniest shows on TV. A must watch!

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  1. Who would’ve thought that one of the BEST shows on TV would air in July?? I’m dying, Nad. THIS SHOW AAHGGH!

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