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Sharp Objects – Ripe (Season 1 Episode 4)

"Small town cop. Big time problems."

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This is a seriously sinister show. But I just can’t look away.

Camille and Adora

Ripe provides some fascinating exploration into the unsettling relationship between Adora and Camille. We’re slowly starting to unravel the latter and see her for what she truly is: a demented excuse of a mother who has practically made it her life’s purpose to tear down her daughter. When our heroine tells her mother that her rose wound is “barely a scratch”, Adora retaliates by clearly revealing that she knows about Camille’s self harm tactics (and obviously has done nothing to help). Further cementing her mother-of-the-year status at the end of the hour, Adora tells Camille that she was never a sweet daughter, and proceeds to label her “ripe” – a not-so-subtle dig at Camille’s “promiscuity”. All of these moments are enormously difficult to watch; I’ve grown so invested in Amy Adams’ performance over the past few weeks, and it’s gut-wrenching to see Camille get cut down even further. I’m also starting to feel like Adora might very well be capable of something truly horrific and criminal.

Barn Kisses

Camille and Willis’ relationship also evolves a great deal in Ripe, although a lot of it is ambiguous. Camille experience with the football team is left for us to decipher: Was she raped? Did she “consent”? I’m leaning towards the former, as the shots of a young Camille playing with the insects are immensely ominous. Equally horrifying is Camille and Willis’ encounter outside the creepiest shed of all time (yes the pornography is still there). Camille doesn’t let Willis kiss her (at least until much later on), but instead uses the detective’s hand to pleasure herself while biting him. It’s one of the eeriest sequences I’ve seen all year. And yet, somehow, I’m rooting for these two to make it work.

Bits & Booze

– I only just realized that the opening credits feature a different song every week. How interesting (and fitting considering how much Camille loves music on the show).

– Intriguing detail: Willis, Vickery, and Adora all look at their ceiling fans when they first wake up in the morning. Hmmm. Do the fans represent the endless misery of their lives perhaps?

– My heart broke for Gayla and Alan after little Camille said no to their birthday cake. Also, the transition from Gayla blowing out the candles to Camille blowing smoke out her bathroom was masterful.

– This week’s hidden words: Worm, suck and fear next to the utensils. Falling on the sign as Camille drives, graffiti that says Hollow, and a neon sign that says¬†can’t. Check this link for images.¬†

– Loved Camille joining the gossip girls for lunch. But why does the waitress throw the menus? What is she angry about? I hope the show doesn’t forget this point.

– Amma coming on to her teacher after the all-female military performance was seriously disturbing.

– Even more disturbing: Amma and her mom dancing to hip-hop as Camille enviously watches on. How did Adora even allow that type of music to play in her house?

– Why was Adora in bed during Camille’s childhood? What sickness did she have? Love the close-up of Camille’s feet afraid of stepping into the room. What a traumatized kid.

– Willis’ backstory: he wanted to become a cop to catch animal abusers. That’s actually really heroic..

– More proof of Adora’s viciousness: she threatens Vickery with replacing him as Chief if he cancels Calhoun Day (whatever that is). Also, Alan is majorly jealous of their heart-to-hearts since his wife treats him like a butler.

– Very unsettling visual: Keene being totally disinterested as his girlfriend gives him a hand-job. She even asks if he’ll “put it inside her”. Ugh.

– I love that Camille asked Gayla why she stayed with Adora (the only other option was the hog farm). A lesser show would have completely ignored this supporting character. We want more Gayla!

– What was John’s girlfriend cleaning under his bed?

– I wanted more from the Vickery and Jackie scene. What is the latter hiding?

– Adora had John fired. No surprise there.

– I quite liked John and Camille bonding over losing a sister. Their friendship can certainly become a highlight on the show since they’re both so misunderstood.

– The final montage was seriously creepy. Was that Amma dead in the shed? Were those flashforwards or hallucinations on Camille’s part? Whatever they were, I can’t wait for next week!

– Was Alan about to rape Adora at the end?

Quotes & Camille

Adora: (to Camille) I’ll be giving them the gift they so enjoy: the opportunity to talk about me. Luckily, I’ll have you there to defend me.

Frank: How does it feel being back home?
Camille: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
Frank: Unless it kills you.
Camille: Thanks I needed that.

Camille: See in Wind Gap, every woman gets a nasty label if they don’t conform to the rules of engagement.

Willis: Some people would call that rape.
Camille: Some people would call that consensual.

Adora: How’s Jocelyn?
Vickery: Fine. She sends her love.
Adora: That’s sweet. Send it back of course.

Vickery: We need to talk about your daughters.
Adora: What about them?
Vickery: Well, one is in danger. The other one’s in danger.

Gayla: Her bark is worse than her bite.
Camille: They’re both pretty bad if you ask me.


Ripe makes for a heavy watch, but it’s still extremely absorbing and layered.

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