Dietland Season Finale

Dietland – Bedwomb (Season 1 Finale)

"This ain't your grandma's army."


I kind of wanted more from Dietland‘s finale.

Grandma’s Army

While it’s admittedly satisfying to see Plum get proactive and try to fight back against the patriarchy, I found the scenes with her fellow Jennifer allies to be very monotonous. What I love about Dietland is the juxtaposition between Plum’s everyday world and Jennifer’s extremist dealings, but a distinct focus on the latter robs the show of its charm. It doesn’t help that these scenes are visually dark. Dietland has spoiled us this season with its vibrant style and colorful palette, but these elements were nowhere to be found in the finale (aside from Plum’s animated run in the end).

On the bright side, it’s very intriguing to note that even after Plum is given a way out of the Jennifer mess (Soledad tells her to pretend she’s a “hostage”), she still decides to join Jennifer. It’s gratifying to see our protagonist assume agency no matter how controversial her decision may be. Here’s a woman who’s had everything taken from her this season (her rape a few weeks back still breaks my heart), and who refuses to give up.  Thank you Joy Nash and Marti Noxon for bringing to life such a spectacular heroine!

Unholy Alliance

I kind of wish Kitty overthrew Stanley in the finale instead of in last week’s penultimate hour. The “baddie” doesn’t get much to do this week besides humiliate Dominic and set her sights on allying herself with Jennifer. That feels more like set-up as opposed to anything particularly game-changing. Nevertheless, I’m curious to see Kitty’s interactions with Jennifer next season. I’m guessing Plum will fill the role of liaison and it will be fascinating to witness the duo’s new dynamic. Juliana Maruglies continues to kick major ass in the role and I’m glad the show recognizes how pivotal she is to the narrative.

Bits & Bodies

– Kitty forcing Dominic to kiss her foot made me cringe.

– I love that Sofia berates for Plum for being unable to run, and that’s exactly what our heroine ends up doing in the finale’s end moments. So empowering.

– More screen time for Eladio is always a good idea. I just wish he was more involved in the main narrative.

– Soledad’s story about how she was raped and how her daughter was too (before finally killing herself) seriously broke my heart. How great is Selenis Leyva in the role? And I loved the continuity from the pilot with the two men thrown off the bridge being revealed as her daughter’s rapists.

– Seriously creepy: Dominic’s green eyes before he attacks Plum in her fantasy.

– I honestly didn’t buy Verena throwing Jennifer under the bus.  It came out of left field, particularly her proud strut after Julia and her sisters get arrested.

– Stanley makes his driver hold his phone; what a spoiled brat!

– Kitty’s best moment in the finale: firing Cheryl with a big ol’ smile and making the reporter think she quit.

– I feel like Sofia’s sacrifice would have made more impact if we were more invested in her journey. Imagine if it was Julia or even Soledad who got shot so that our heroine could escape.

– Soledad tells Plum to move her “fat ass” and it’s extremely heartbreaking. Et tu Brute?

– Dominic’s phone-call to Plum (after breaking into her house with a traumatized Leeta) was super weird.

Digs & Diets

Dominic: I figured you’d have taken Stanley’s office.
Kitty: Hmmm eventually. I’m letting it air out. It still has the stench of cigars and his untimely demise.


After a stellar debut season, Bedwomb is a somewhat underwhelming season finale. However, that doesn’t take away from a brilliant debut year unlike anything else on television.

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