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Movie Review – Mission Impossible: Fallout

"The greater the suffering, the greater the peace."


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Tom Cruise is nothing if not committed. In Fallout (the sixth entry in the Mission Impossible adventure), Cruise is wholeheartedly committed to the role of super-spy Ethan Hunt. The physicality required of the 56 year old actor is mind boggling; Cruise actually jumped off a plane 106 times to capture the film’s iconic HALO sequence, and yes that’s him zooming through the streets of Paris without a helmet and nose-diving a chopper. There’s no green screen, no photoshop, no stunt doubles – just one incredibly committed performer. No other Hollywood actor comes close.

A Relentless Script

So many action films are let down by their scripts, but Fallout‘s narrative is just relentless. Although the film is two hours and a half long, I never once checked my watch – a shocking achievement. The story never loses momentum, and more importantly, never loses sight of its characters. You are invested in Ethan’s journey from the start, and that ensures that you’re rooting for him right till the very end. It helps that Cruise’s Ethan is not your typical superhero – he falls, he bleeds, he even breaks his ankle (yup, Cruise suffered a traumatic injury that shut down production for three months and the actual footage from the accident is in the movie). Insane!

An Impossibly Great Cast

Fallout‘s cast is jam-packed with recognizable faces. It’s a real treat to see 911‘s very own Angela Bassett and The Crown‘s Vanessa Kirby in the franchise (although both their screen-times are limited). Rogue Nation‘s breakout star Rebecca Ferguson also make a kickass return appearance. Most impressive however is franchise newcomer Henry Cavill. Although Justice League was almost ruined by the infamous mustache debacle, The Man of Steel is very memorable as mysterious CIA agent August Walker. Somebody has to give the guy his very own spy franchise (since the Man of U.N.C.L.E. sadly flopped) or hey… he could be our next Bond. 


A pulse-pounding adventure featuring jawdropping action and one of Hollywood’s last true movie stars.

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