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Sharp Objects – Closer (Season 1 Episode 5)

"You were born to it... that cold nature. I hope that's some comfort to you."


Party Time

What a claustrophobic hour!

Sharp Objects’ various subplots collide in spectacular fashion during Calhoun Day, and it makes for a really captivating installment. The event itself is immensely disturbing, with the townsfolk celebrating a woman’s rape, and enjoying a reenactment of it every year starring their young. Equally unsettling is watching Camille navigate the town’s vicious gossipers and perverts at every turn (seriously, is every guy in Wind Gap a sleaze ball?). I might not have been Amy Adams’ biggest fan before, but she’s completely won me over on a weekly basis with her potent dose of vulnerability and strength. But this town… this town is twisted!

Evil of Epic Proportions

Closer also shockingly showcases how downright vicious Adora is. She cuts down her daughter every chance she gets – whether she’s proclaiming her eldest as “ruined” when she sees her self-harm inflictions in the boutique, or when she pulls the rug out from under her in those final moments and confirms she “never” loved her. In fact, that declaration is the most harrowing thing Sharp Objects has produced thus far. And that’s saying quite a lot when we’re discussing a show that’s filled with gory images and repulsive crimes.

Bits & Booze

– The flashback with the photographer and Adora was super strange. I didn’t like the way he was looking at her girls.

– Alan waits in the car as the ladies shop. He’s up to something, I can feel it.

– Adora again blames her rose-wound bleeding on her daughters. She really is something!

– The scene with Camille looking at herself in the mirror in her lingerie is just gut-wrenching. And her muffled scream into the dress? So heartbreaking.

– The one nice thing Amma’s done in a while: giving Camille the long-sleeve dress that hides her scars.

– I thought I liked Jackie, but she’s no better than the rest of the vultures.

– Will Eileen get to do anything on the show besides listen in on her husband’s phone-calls with Camille? I do like his fatherly dynamic with Camille though.

– Ashely is pissed that she was cut out of Camille’s article; this ain’t gonna end well

– The chief’s wife definitely knows about him and Adora. She seems sweet so it’s sad.

– Kirk is one of the guys who raped Camille. It’s even ickier because he says he’s thought a lot about her and seems genuinely in love with her. Yuck.

– Super nifty parallels with the flash to Camille being surrounded by the cheerleaders in the past and in the present.

– Although she never outright says it, you can tell that Amma grows more and more aggravated at the fact that Camille is continuously distracted by Willis while she’s on stage. Also, she took a pill before the play.

– Obviously Bob Nash and John Keene are innocent right? Too easy.

– Why was Amma so bloody in the shed? What happened?

– Adora refers to Camille’s supposedly evil father. I pray he didn’t rape his daughter; I can’t handle anymore suffering for Camille.

– That final sex scene is equally comforting and disturbing. Camille doesn’t let Willis undress her, and she refuses to let him turn on the lights and see her.

– As usual, check out this excellent list for the week’s hidden wordsI honestly didn’t catch a single one! They keep getting sneakier and sneakier.

Quotes & Camille

Curry: You gotta milk the shit out of that cow.
Camille: Yeah, I’m not sure those two metaphors go together.

Amma: Did it hurt? ‘Cause I know a girl like you. Not like you, but she says it doesn’t hurt because the cut’s already there under the skin. The knife just lets it out.
Camille: Your friend sounds like an after-school special.
Amma: What’s that? Do you have my name on there?
Camille: I don’t do names.
Amma: Not even boyfriends?
Camille: I don’t do boyfriends.

Kendall: Where’d you learn to write like that? Couldn’t have been here.
Camille: Where’d you learn to read like that? Couldn’t have been here.


More immersive than ever, Sharp Objects has yet to stumble since its debut. Superb television!

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