Miniseries Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects – Cherry (Season 1 Episode 6)

"Do you ever feel like bad things are gonna happen to you and you can't stop 'em? You can't do anything? You just have to wait?"


Every week, I appreciate Sharp Objects more and more.

This show isn’t for everybody – it’s extremely dark and unsettling, but it’s also filled with complex characters and so much detail in every frame. With two episodes left, I’m really going to miss this one (that is, if HBO doesn’t force the show’s producers to create a season two (a la Big Little Lies).

Trippin’ and Skatin’

Amma has been a very mysterious character thus far, and although I still don’t feel like I truly know her that much more, her drug-infused extravaganza with Camille was hypnotizing to watch.¬†Sharp Objects¬†is already a very confusing show with all its jarring edits and surreal flashes, so adding drugs to the equation makes everything even more disorienting (in a good way of course). There are hints of incest in Amma’s obsession with Camille (yes they actually kiss this week), not to mention a trippy roller-skating sequence that culminates with Camille seeing all the “dead girls” that have plagued her life. I genuinely felt uneasy the whole way through, and yet there was something heartwarming about watching the girls finally bond in a somewhat genuine manner. I know there are a lot of theories online about Amma being the killer, but aside from her self-destructive behavior, she’s pretty harmless… I think.

Daddy Drama

Interestingly enough, my favorite scene this week is the conversation between Alan and Camille (after he’s given the order to attack via Adora). We never get moments between these two and it’s fascinating to see him defend Adora whom he thinks has had a “hard life” because her mom used to “pinch” her. Yes it’s as laughable as it sounds, but it’s also harrowing that Alan thinks its okay to use this tidbit to shelter his wife. Henry Czerny might not have the showiest role as Alan, but he’s been absolutely terrific at portraying his character’s various nuances.

Bits & Booze

– For a second, it kind of looks like Camille is looking at Willis’ naked body and admiring how unspoiled and cut-free it is.

– Poor Alan sleeps on a fold-out couch. It’s embarrassing.

– Adora naturally assumes Camille wants cream for her scars, when the latter only need it for her hands.

– As Camille eats the leftover cherry pie (from Calhoun Day I imagine), she has a flash to a younger version of herself in a cheerleading outfit (undoubtedly symbolizing her innocence) and her mom making some unsettling comments about cherries. I don’t think I’ll ever look at those fruits in the same way again.

– Camilla hugs Gayla after the bitter exchange with her mom and it’s the sweetest thing in the world.

– It is indeed Anne’s bike at the bottom of the lake. Final bets: who do you think killed her? I’m definitely sure it’s a woman now and that Bob and John are just red herrings.

– So what happened to Ashley’s ear? Do we even want to know.

– Camille giving Alan the finger is perfection.

– One of Camille’s old friends picks her up to take her to the tearjerker gathering. She’s got alcohol and gossip in the car and it’s hilarious. I need a name and lots more screen-time with her writers please.

– It’s a quick moment, but Camille dumps her plastic cup in the lawn.

– How great is Becca, the only black girl in the cheerleading squad who is sympathetic to Camille because she saw the cuts when she was young.

– Kirk apologizes for the forest rape and Camille’s response is both heartbreaking and powerful. Read it below.

– Jackie flirting with Willis creeped me out. But hey, it’s always good when Elizabeth Perkins gets more to do. She’s still underused as far as I’m concerned.

– Why did I not feel sorry for Ashley and John when they got kicked out of the party?

– Impeccable editing with Amma and Camille entering the house in both timelines.

– For a quick moment, you can see Adora peeking into the room and observing her two daughters on the bed.

– The episode’s ending is appropriately jarring with a hallucination of Marian warning Camille that it’s not safe for her here.

Quotes & Camille

Jackie: You’re gettin’ warmer, Detective. And not just ’cause it’s hotter than a whore in church today.

Adora: Even the lawn is not safe from her.

Camille: I’m fine, I’m just looking forward to coming home. Which is a weird thing to say when you’re sitting in the bedroom you grew up in.

Caitlin: I don’t mean to sound cruel, but I don’t think part of your heart can ever work if you don’t have kids.

Camille: As I recall, you couldn’t even get it up, so unless you’re apologizing for that
Kirk: Hey!
Camille: Just forget about it, all right? I have.
Kirk: That day, it’s haunted me.
Camille: Well, looks like we both got fucked.

Becca: (to Camille) I saw. On your thigh. The cuts. It said “cherry.” That made sense. We were so shiny. Luscious on the outside. But on the inside there’s that dark, hard pit.

Amma: Did girls like you growin’ up? I mean, boys are easy. You just let ’em do stuff to you.
Camille: Mm, you shouldn’t let them do that.
Amma: When you let them do it to you you’re really doin’ it to them. You have the control, and they like you. It’s not the same with girls. I mean, I can get them to do what I want, but they don’t like me.


An enormously creepy hour with impeccable cinematography and razor-sharp impact.

Nad Rating

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