Trial & Error

Trial & Error – A Change in The Team / New Case, Old Murder (Season 2 Episodes 5 & 6)

"If this were a different time and you were a little younger, I'd have you wearing me like a hat tonight."


I don’t think Trial & Error is just a funny comedy. I think it’s one of the funniest comedies of all time. It’s that consistent, hilarious and brilliant.

An Unexpected Conclusion

Who would have thought that Lavinia would receive a no guilty verdict so quickly? Major props to the show for solving the case, and carrying on with the reveal that Miss Peck-Foster is in fact a villainess. In fact, the status quo of the season is completely different now with Josh and Carol partnering up (for once) to take down Edgar’s killer. I love it when shows explore fresh dynamics, and this one is just full of potential. In addition, the full-on villainess role gives Kristen Chenoweth the delightful opportunity to really go nuts, and she’s absolutely amazing when she’s slinking around causing havoc.

Bits & Bail

– Loved Lavinia shouting out “I will not stand for it” and in fact crashing on the spot. Josh’s “The defendant rests” is the perfect capper to this moment.

– Anne making Josh give a speech to the “office” and her subsequent worry over the Christmas party was a hoot. Interestingly enough, this week’s double episode didn’t feature any new syndromes for Anne, but it feature the return of her infamous inappropriate laugh.

– I see people continue to pee in Lavinia’s pool. Ew.

– The witness who flashed the court to win her ex back was hysterical. I especially loved the “I’ve been running ever since” gag that she stole from M-Town. Please bring her back!

– I have a feeling the stake is foreshadowing Josh getting carried off by the end of the season.

– Comedy gold: the veterinary gynecologist and the complete lack of confidentiality he exhibits.

–  Loved seeing the gang dance together. #Funtimes

– Amidst all the comedy, there’s actually a lot of heart with Lavinia being truly appreciative of Josh as the first man who has never abandoned her.

– Note to self: if you ever forge a suicide note, don’t write your Rs in the same way.

– A mayor in a coma? Only on this show!

– Notice that Anne is wearing the same hat as Lavinia!

– Post-pardon depression is definitely a thing.

– Lavinia refers to Anne as “the other one”. Ha

– Everything about the archery scene was amazing.

– Epic visuals: Dwayne’s lung filling up the balloon, the “last place” school, the hook up board, and the Judge being afraid of the gravel after Hinkle’s revelation (through the phone testimony no less) and using his fist instead.

– Not a fan of fart jokes but Nicholas and Jayma can make anything work.

– Atticus should definitely come by the show more often! Never has misogyny been this funny.

– Notice how the camera jumps at Lavinia with every “Smack smack smack”. It’s a small detail, but it’s masterful!

– I really want Nina to partake in some big twist so she can be a bigger part of the narrative.

– My favorite moment of the week: Anne saying she’s nervous and then completely transforming with the “Freeze motherfucker“. I vote we get a spinoff with cop Anne.

– The arrow crashing through Josh’s window was a perfect ending. Uh oh.

Digs & Depositions

Dwayne: I was told there’d be no math on this testify.

Lavinia: Wait, wait! Wait, wait! This is a damn witch hunt! And I’m not talking about the actual Witch Hunt of 1994 when the crops failed and the Martin twins got exactly what was coming to them.

Lavinia: Well, that was a complete Reed show! If I were wearing my slapping gloves, you’d be tasting fresh peacock skin by now.

Anne: The entire office is freaking out that you’re going to fire them.
Josh: It’s just you and me here.
Anne: I’m just saying, morale is really low. You should give a speech.

Josh: Objection!…. Spoilers.

Josh: Hasn’t my client been through enough?
Lavinia:I have. The Michael Jackson drugs won’t get me to sleep anymore.

Lavinia: Lawyer. I don’t know what to say. You’re everything I hoped you’d be. Loyal and trustworthy.
Josh: That’s very kind.
Lavinia: Steady. Fast. Steadfast.
Josh: Thank you.
Lavinia: Bold. Beautiful. Young. Restless.
Josh: Those are just words now.

Associate Mayor: And now Mayor Hiss would like to present you with the Bronze Pecker.
Josh: He’s not letting it go.
Associate Mayor: Sometimes the muscle do seize. What you’re gonna want to do is just massage his wrist a little bit. Not too much or it will evacuate his bowels.
Josh: Why don’t you just ship it to me?

Associate Mayor: I am proud to present you with the combination to the city.
Dwayne: We had a key, but people kept losing it.

Carol: (to Dwayne) Spell “Respectfully.
Dwayne: C?

Josh: The coroner classified the cause of death as “murder” and the police report lists the motive as “because.” Just because.
Carol: “Because” or “just because”? Those are two very different classifications.

Lavinia: What does Lawyer think happened? I took cyanide from Edgar’s clock workshop, put it in Amanda’s frozen diet dinner entree, and watched her mouth foam with saliva and little bits of 90-calorie spinach lasagna? Ooh, ooh, I bet after that I took her chubby little cheeks and I smacked them and smacked them and smacked them till the life left her eyes. What a story.

Josh: Did you guys have DNA testing during the Jesse Ray case?
Carol: Yes, Mr. Fancy Pants New Yorker, we’d gotten it that summer. Afterwards two dozen people had to switch babies.

Josh: So if that’s true, whose sperm is in here?
Dwayne: Well, let’s open it up, see if we recognize it.

Josh: Hinkle, in your once-expert opinion, do you believe that the evidence found at the crime scene was contaminated and should be discarded?
Hinkle: Oh, yes, I would definitely throw them out. Along with many of those jury chairs. And Your Honor’s gavel. And I probably wouldn’t use any of the glassware in the courtroom.

Lavinia: You’re a disgrace. I’m gonna have the Mayor take back the combination to the city.
Josh: It’s eight. I already memorized it.
Lavinia: We’ve changed it seven times. We can change it again. Lawyer.


Another week, and two more brilliant hours of Trial & Error. This show is just perfection.

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