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Sharp Objects – Falling (Season 1 Episode 7)

"So your dead sister is too good for my dead sister"


Well this was a stunner!

Big bad momma 

And here we have it people: confirmation that Adora is indeed one sick mother. Falling reveals that Camille’s mom possesses a rare disease (Munchausen by Proxy) that’s characterized by inflicting health issues on your child and then proceeding to act as their savior. It’s an extremely disturbing twist, and yet it makes perfect sense considering everything we’ve seen thus far this season. I seriously doubt Adora is responsible for Nathalie and Anne’s murders, but Amma’s life certainly hangs in the balance now which will make for a killer finale (literally). What a fitting twist to cap off a phenomenal penultimate episode.

No good boys here

I must say, the show really threw us a curveball with regards to Chris Messina’s Detective Willis. I was sure he was a good guy who had Camille’s best interest at heart, but his reaction to finding her in bed with John is just brutal. His words cut like a knife (“I know the smell“), and his insults (he calls Camille both a “drunk” and a “slut”) pack quite the punch. Even more heartbreaking is watching Camille beg on her knees and try to pleasure Willis in a desperate attempt to not lose someone else. Messina and Adams are so good here, and it makes for a very uncomfortable watch. It’s also a powerful reminder that not everyone who seems “good” at first is only that. That’s the beauty of Sharp Objects; sure the mystery is creepy and the editing is masterful, but the character work is just so complex and mesmerizing.

An unlikely couple

Falling also gave me something I never even knew I needed it: a poignant bond between John and Camille. I loved watching the two call each other “beautiful” in that seedy bar culminating in what is probably the most darkly beautiful sex scene I’ve seen all year. Everything from John reading the words on Camille’s body aloud to our heroine’s prophetic exclamation of the phrase “You’re reading me” is just perfect. This is a scene I won’t soon forget, and I doubt the show will produce a more memorable sequence in its finale (but here’s hoping it tries to top itself).

Bits & Booze

– In the teaser, Camille sees a creepy figure in Amma’s dollhouse. It’s a pretty effective metaphor for the sinister presence in her home: her mother.

– On-point editing: the quick flash of Adora pushing her daughter down on the bed both in the past and in the present.

– You might have missed it, but when Camille closes the bathroom door, you can see Marian in the mirror for a quick second.

– Is anybody surprised that Ashley sold John out for the fame?

– The way Adora blackmailed Amma back into bed was so darn cunning and creepy.

– Can someone please bash Adora in the head with her sick tray? That darn blue bottle is creepy af.

– John mentions someone painted Nathalie’s toenails. So Amma’s the killer right?

– Adora finally takes Amma’s other cellphone. Uh oh.

– There’s a super witty transition from the sex thrusting to Adora grinding her poison. Ha!

– Amma finds pictures of the dead girls in Adora’s room but I’m sure that’s a red herring… unless Alan is the killer!

– Super odd flashback with Camille dancing with Jackie and Adora on the patio.

– I just realized that the show’s episodes titles are all words Camille has carved on her body. I feel enormously stupid right now.

– Elizabeth Perkins hasn’t had her chance to shine… until now. Camille’s visit to Jackie is certainly a series highlight – from Jackie offering pills and booze to revealing that she knew about Adora all along. Perkins is so so magnificent in the role, equal parts royal and pathetic.

– Fun fact: Adora cremated Marian to hide what she did to her.

– Adora is the infamous woman in white it seems.

– It’s funny to me that all of Curry’s scenes have been on the phone with Camille. What a strange acting job it must have been for Miguel Sandoval.

– “God has given me another sick baby.” Wow, just wow.

–  Further proof over how sexist this town is: Vickery warns the girls of a drunk male driver. Even they know that women can be just as dangerous. Also, I suddenly find Vickery super creepy.

– Alan plays music again, in denial but surely all-knowing about Adora.

Quotes & Camille

Chief: Are we gonna keep doing this?
Jackie: Well we can do what we always do around here and pretend it doesn’t exist.
Chief: I like that better.

Chief: I’m off to protect and serve.
Jackie: I’m off to mix and serve.

Willis: (to Camille) I don’t think you’re bad, okay. I think one bad thing happened, and you blamed the rest of your shitty life on it. People really buy it – your sad story but, really, you’re just a drunk and a slut.


A brilliant penultimate episode in a shockingly consistent season. Incredible!

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