Trial & Error

Trial & Error – A Family Affair / Bad Instincts (Season 2 Episodes 7 & 8)

"What can I get you? Ice-cream sundae? Soft serve? State ID?"


I can’t believe Trial and Error’s sophomore season is almost done. That’s the drawback of NBC airing two episodes a week, but what a brilliant season it has been!

Maybe Momma 

Dwayne’s brief adventure as Lavinia’s “maybe” son is one of the finest twists the show has pulled off in a while. Steven Boyer trying to act all fancy is just laugh-out-loud funny, particularly with his unsuccessful attempts at a sophisticated vocal –  (generic instead of genetic, high calendar of people etc…). Although he’s ultimately revealed to have no relation to Lavinia, it doesn’t take away from a stellar subplot that introduces a truly fresh dynamic into the show’s world. Who knew Kristen and Boyer could play off each other so well?

Clooney the con

Forge Clooney has to be the coolest addition to the show’s mythology. I love that he’s not just there for laughs, but also provides pivotal plot momentum since we discover by the end that Lavinia forged her passport. It’s touches like these that make Trial & Error one of the most brilliant creations on TV. Someone better make sure the show gets a third season (it’s currently on the bubble).

Bits & Bail

– Anne as a court reporter? Sign me up.

– Loved the origin story of how Judge Kamiltow lost his voice.

– Lavinia clearing the court to talk to Josh was hilarious.

– I found Dr. Rock n’ Law lame at first, but he soon won me over by the end of the hour.

– The fact that Lavinia refers to Carol as “Orange lawyer” is just priceless.

– I want Anne and Dwayne to get high together every week.

– Carol attending court in a hospital bed was a hysterical sight. Particularly loved the gag with the bed elevating super slowly.

– I love that Lavinia got her own Basic Instinct moment when she crossed her legs in front of Josh on the desk.

– Anne’s Alice in Wonderland disorder just might be my favorite disorder yet. So many great moments, chief among them her crouching, giving Josh a vase to drink from, and that huge sample cup to-go at the ice cream parlor.

– Lavinia screaming at her cat is funny, but Lavinia pronouncing Barcelona and Sangria is everything.

– Echo is a hoot. Please bring him back!

– I’ll never look at squirrels the same way again.

– Lavinia can sing murder board too!

– Josh getting in bed with Carol was super sweet right?

– That mesh top is indeed hideous.

– Is Lavinia listening in through Dwayne’s pin? Sure seems like it.

Digs & Depositions

Josh: Hey, any messages?
Anne: Just the usual. A bunch of hate mail and several boxes of feces. I put them on your desk.

Jesse: (to Josh) You don’t have $100? No wonder she’s still pregnant.

Dwayne: Hey, I’m still the same Dwayne, okay? We’re still the dream team. We will rise from the ashes like the mythical penis.

Jesse: My relationship with Chet was purely intellectual. We would probe deep in the anals of each other’s minds, stroke each other’s egos, cup each other’s cerebellums.

Dwayne: Now that I’m half Peck, I need to associate with a a higher calendar of people. As such, I’m going to meet my Maybe-Mama for brunch. Which I assume is bread dipped in punch.

Dwayne: Never had a parent show any interest in my work. My daddy was too busy riding the Tractor. The Tractor is what we called our neighbor ’cause she plowed everything.

Clooney: Thin paper, spelling errors galore – Yep, this is the real deal.

Lavinia: You’re a Peck. Breathe through your nose.
Dwayne: Whoa. That’s a game changer.

Lavinia: You are 100%, unadulterated, pure Reed!
Dwayne: Well, I disagree to disagree!

Josh: What happened to the copy of Lavinia’s passport?
Anne: That’s what Lavinia took. It’s as plain as the giant nose on your face.


Another flawless double outing from one of the funniest comedies on TV. Here’s hoping the show will knock our socks off with its two hour finale.

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