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Trial & Error – Big Break / Barcelona (Season 2 Episodes 9 & 10)



I really don’t want Trial & Error to end. There’s a big possibility that no one will pick up the show for a third season (since it looks like NBC has given up on it), and that’s a real shame. This is one special show.

It’s payback time

The most satisfying moment of the entire season has to be Josh turning the tables on Lavinia with her own brand of revelations. Nicholas D’agosto is just perfect in the scene, skillfully replicating Lavinia’s method of asking and answering her own inquisitive questions. The monologue is also awesomely intercut with the various mini reveals: the phonetic writings on Dwayne’s neck, and his brother cousin impersonating Trig. Wow!

Twisty twisty

The (series?) finale also manages to pull off a bombshell: Josh is in fact not the father of Carol’s newborn (the comatose mayor is). While this heartbreaking development undoubtedly complicates their dynamic even further, it’s still endearing to see the affection that the two lawyers have for each other. Moreover, there’s a great stylistic choice with the show choosing not too show that gut-punch of a convo, which makes its after-effects all the more impactful.

An uncertain future 

Kristin Chenoweth was a real treat this season, so I love that she actually escapes in the finale’s end moments (as Ronnie Del Mundo no less). If the show is miraculously saved, it would be incredible to have her back on the show (perhaps teaming up with season one’s John Lithgow?). There’s also some subtle build-up for season three with hints of the East Peck Three (who are in fact two) and the Witch Trials. Bring it the craziness I say!

Bits & Bail

– The veterinary gynecologist just kills me. Loved him giving Carol a treat after treating her.

– Anne’s disorder (not being able to open her eyes) was just hysterical. The painted eyes reminded me of Game of Thrones and they were enormously creepy. However, the spontaneous swear fingers in the finale were barely a presence. It needed a few more gags.

– Such amazing physical comedy by Jayma Mays in court as she tries to keep her legs closed while showcasing the evidence.

– Forge Clooney is dead. Say it ain’t so! What a hilarious addition to the cast he was!

– “Lady driver” is even present at the funeral. Did anyone else catch “Also RIP Forget Clooney?” Priceless.

– I was sure Kristin Chenoweth wouldn’t leave the show without singing one last time (for 16 minutes no less).

– Dr. Senior Senior. Ha!

– More hysterical mythology: the Inky Pecker Tattoo parlor featuring Reverend Tats.

– Dwayne suspecting the camera crew was just epic.

– Tyler the intern having to clean up Carol’s water-break was beyond amazing.

– Insane sequence: Dwayne trying out Autoerotic asphyxiation complete with the moron message on screen.

– Alive not live. ‘Nuff said.

– Laugh-out-loud moment: Lavinia asking Dwayne to give her “his shoulders” and riding off with sound effects.

– Did you catch the “future prosecutor” caption under Carol’s baby?

– Redacting sheet covers. How brilliant!

– The court typewriter lady finally got her moment to shine!

– Who knew a skate wrench could be so poignant?

– Too adorable: Lavinia coming back for an encore.

– For your reference: the new combination in the city is 9. Noted.

– Some important East Peck updates: women are now flag boys and Carol is the new DA! (hells yeah!).

– The Bahamas shot of Anne. It was quick but memorable.

– Houseboy broke out Lavinia! Dayum!

Digs & Depositions

Lavinia: Oh, Lawyer. What do you think I did? Went to Forge Clooney’s and ordered the lemon sherbet knowing it would be in the back of the freezer ’cause it’s a [BLEEP] flavor? And then when he went inside to get it, what did I do? Locked him inside, ate my free fro-yo and watched him, what? Slowly freeze to death? Then I suppose I went to that snitch Sir Mickey’s paddock with a bushel of fresh plant shoots dipped in what? Cyanide? Waiting for death’s sweet grip to take him as I finished my second fro-yo that I was saving for when? Later? Is that what you think happened? Please. I wish my uterus was as fertile as your imagination.

Dwayne: Reverend Tats? We’re investigating the murder of Chet Peck.
Tats: I only talk to customers.
Dwayne: I’ll custom. How about I just get my initials on my wrist? D.N.R. That way, if I’m ever unconscious, the paramedics can identify me.

Dwayne: Now, I did a little looking online and I found something called auto-erotic asphysexy-something. I got no idea what it is, but I printed out step-by-step instructions and I will now test the theory.

Dwayne: In East Peck, they use pre-redacted sheet covers, because after the Witch Trials of 1994, all things magic were outlawed. Including Magic Markers.


A perfect finale to a perfect sophomore season. Somebody pick up this show asap!

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