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American Horror Story – The Morning After (Season 8 Episode 2)

"I wouldn't fuck you if you were the last man on Earth, and you almost are."


Another season, another messy bore.

I hate how dreadful American Horror Story has become, but the show hasn’t had a strong season since season three (Coven), and we’re in season eight!

Last week’s season premiere had potential, but The Morning After is a half-baked affair that’s insanely boring and uneventful. It doesn’t help that the entire season is set in a horribly uninspired bunker setting that’s a chore to LOOK at. At least give us something visually appealing to stare at if the narrative is going to be this useless.

The arrival of season one’s Michael (all grown up as Lucifer I’m guessing) should have been an exciting affair, but his interrogation of our survivors is severely lacking in excitement. There’s no forward momentum – just a whole lot of repetitive dialogue and unsurprising exchanges.

But hey Rubber Man is back so at least there’s that… (not really, even he’s not as shocking as he was years ago). Remember when this show was unlike anything you’d ever seen on television? What a pity

Frightful Bits

– The show didn’t even try to explain the steamed snakes coming back to life. Ugh.

– The email scene was laughably contrived.

– Does anybody care about Timothy and Emily finally doing it? They have the combined charisma of a mop.

– Ok so Ms. Venable has scoliosis. That’s your twist?

– Joan Collins is dead. Who will spout off witty zingers now?

– Meade’s yellow guts made me want to puke.

Spooky Slurs

Coco: You’re ancient. He’s looking for people to repopulate the Earth, – not fill a bingo hall.

Emily: We had at least four Chrises that could star in a movie. How many did you have?


An insanely boring hour in every way. Just terrible.

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