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Grey’s Anatomy – Season 15 Premiere ( With a Wonder and a Wild Desire & Broken Together)

"Are we on a motorcycle with only one helmet?"


I just love it when Grey’s Anatomy returns every September. This show is my comfort food.

The season 15 premiere isn’t the most groundbreaking double hour, but it sets enough things in motion to reel us in for another charming season.

Labeled as the “Season of love”, this year seems hellbent on exploring Meredith dipping her toes into the dating pool. With Ellen Pompeo’s recent comments that the show might be ending soon, it certainly feels like the beginning of the end. As far as I’m concerned, the show can continue for as long as it likes; I’m invested enough in everybody that they all feel like family at this point and losing them would be a definite loss.

This week’s premiere also sees the introduction of two news faces: Chris Carmack as Dr. Atticus “Link” Lincoln and Alex Landi as the show’s first gay surgeon, Dr. Nico Kim. The former’s inclusion feels a bit forced – like the network is trying to shoehorn in yet another potential love interest for Meredith, but Kim is definitely a breath of fresh air. His potential romance with Schmitt is definitely promising and new for the show.  Weird that the show has been on for 15 years without a proper gay lead (we have had numerous lesbian docs after all).

Finally, I love it that Grey’s can still surprise me after all these years. I honestly never expected Alex to be named interim chief, and it’s the kind of brilliant twist that just works. It injects the show with a whole new energy, and it gives Alex something fresh to do instead of his usual Jo drama. Bring it on is all I can say!

Bits & Scalpels

– The teaser with Meredith in bed with DeLuca, then Avery, then Tom was a hoot. Especially loved her facing off with herself in the beginning of the second hour.

– DeLuca saving Avery and Maggie was great, but did the accident have to look so cheap? I thought Grey’s had a good budget. *cringe

– Our two new docs strutting into the ER in slow motion was hilariously on point.

-Priceless: Teddy thinking Maggie is 19. Even better: her telling Maggie that she and Amelia aren’t really sisters.

– I doubt we’ll ever see her again, but the nosy patient in Teddy’s room was hysterical. Please bring her back!

– I honestly don’t know why the show tried to scare us into thinking Jo was leaving the show. It wasted two hours this week bringing her back into the fold but hey, at least her cancer-killing future looks promising.

– The explosion in the OR made my jaw drop. Love them weird medical cases.

– Cece says Helm in love with Meredith. Did we know that before? Can’t seem to remember.

– Gut-wrenching moment: Jackson losing his patient and being forced to stay in the chamber.

– I know Bailey stealing Jo from Meredith was supposed to be inspirational, but it really struck me as an uncharacteristic and dastardly thing to do. Anyone else?

– Why was Teddy nowhere to be seen in the second hour of the premiere? Not cool show. Kim Raver is the best, and this pregnancy is all sorts of exciting. #ByebyeAmelia

– Qadri’s subplot (chasing the pup) was super unnecessary and sitcom-y. She deserves better!

– The sight of Webber on that bike is the most glorious thing I’ve ever seen. I need a meme asap.

– Jackson and Maggie finally said I love you. And I’m unsure what Jackson’s whole faith arc is going to look like this year. Hope it’s not tedious.

– I know the season just started but Cece is my favorite guest-star of the year. Here’s hoping she sticks around to help Meredith find love now that our girl is ready for it.

Grey Banter

Cece: You can talk to me I’m safe. I’m like the opposite of a priest. People confess things to me, but I don’t make them feel bad.

Cece: Just give me broad strokes of what you’re looking for in a man so I can think about it while I sleep.
Meredith: I’m not really looking. I’m not against it. I’m open to the idea of something coming along, but I’m not out there looking for it.
Cece: Okay, I respect that. And I’d like to be taken off the UNOS kidney list.
Meredith: What?
Cece: I don’t feel like we need to get out here and look for a kidney, do we? Let’s just wait and hope one comes squishing through the door on its own.
Meredith: Would you put her under, please?

Jo: There is always money. You just have to make ’em want to spend it.

Owen: I want the strings. I have always wanted the strings. I want the kids, I want the noisy house, I want the fighting, I want the dog. I want the strings, Amelia.

Must-Download Tunes

Silhouette by Aquilo

Now I Can Fly by Raign


Not the greatest two hour premiere, but it sure is awesome to have Grey’s back.

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