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This Is Us – Season 3 Premiere (Nine Bucks)

"You had one family your whole life. Two dads who loved you. I had one dad who never wanted me."


I’m going to need This Is Us to get a little creative this year. The formula is starting to show!

That’s not to say this was a bad premiere. The show’s return is predictably endearing and moving, but I would like to see the drama take some narrative risks moving forward (and the flash-forward with the mysterious “her” is definitely a step in the right direction).

As great as it is to see Milo and Moore flirt and bond, the first date flashbacks aren’t as successful as they could have been. Sure it’s cringeworthy to see Jack struggle to pay for the carnival and not reveal just how little he has, but the show goes out of its way to frame their first date was a disaster when it is fact… not. Maybe our leads simply have too much chemistry together? In addition, the last minute twist with a mysterious guy arriving at Becca’s doorstop and kissing her feels way too forced. Was there ever any mention of another guy around the time Becca first met Jack? Sounds like some retconned storytelling to me. Also, the fact that Jack and Rebecca do end up together means there’s no drama here. It’s an unnecessary distraction if you ask me!

Heartwarming Bits

– Beth swearing on Oprah was too good.

– It’s quick but we get a brief flash of Vietnam and Jack’s trauma there. Flashback episode coming soon!

– Who else predicted Rebecca kissing Jack in the car as soon as he started his monologue?

– Beth says that Zoe will eat Kevin up and spit him out. I’m intrigued to see what this theory is based on.

– Kate is starting IVF (thank you mean doctor with a heart of gold) and Toby has dumped his antidepressant pills. His ragged look in the flashforward does not fill me with hope.

– Can someone tell me what is the significance of football player Franco Harris getting so much screentime in the premiere?

Triplet Talk

Beth: I just finished working out. Sorry, I stink.
Randall: I love your stink.

Zoe: (to Kevin) No touching, no flirting, and, um, don’t do that thing where you half smile, ’cause automatically, it makes me full smile, and she’ll see.


A perfectly fine season premiere, but I would like to see This Is Us flex its muscles a bit and explore some fresh territory.

Nad Rating


  1. Despite knowing the outcome, I am curious about how Jack and Rebecca came to be together. The arrival of the guy with flowers surprised me. I wonder how that will be explained.

    Toby pouring his anti-depressants down the toilet is such a bad idea. He could have taken less of them over time to pace himself. The state of him in the future makes me worried about his fate and Kate’s.

    It’s nice seeing Kevin happy after what he’s been through. Hope his relationship with Zoe doesn’t become his downfall and instead furthers his growth.

    I was worried about Deja with her acting out. But I’m glad things are now looking up with her willing to be adopted by Randall and Beth. Being in this family is where she belongs. Nad, why didn’t you mention Deja in your review?

    1. Totally forgot about Deja. I was completely uninspired by this episode and wrote my review as quickly as possible! Sorry!

  2. Yeah I wasn’t feeling all the flashbacks either. That was such an adorable first date that it actually shocked me when Rebecca tells Jack this was a disaster. But I guess they gotta have Milo on the show somehow and since his character is dead, we’re stuck with flashbacks :/ UNLESS they pull a Lost and start doing flash-SIDEWAYS next season, showing an alternate universe where Jack never dies (if you’re reading, writers, plz don’t ever do this thanks)

    How amazing was Kate in this episode? I nearly cried at her breakdown during the birthday carrot-cake scene. Such terrific acting. But I don’t know how I feel about Toby’s depression storyline. I’m still a little…meh on Toby as a character 🙁


    1. hahahah flash-sideways! I’m sort of intrigued Chris!

      I forgot to mention Kate’s breakdown but it was beautifully done!

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