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A Star is Born – Movie Review

“You know its like, I dunno you float out at sea then one day you find a port say, "I'm gonna stay here a few days." Few days 'comes a few years. Then you forgot where you're going in the first place. Then you realize you don't really give a shit about where you was goin', cause you like where you at."


What a powerful film. I can’t get it out of my mind!

The story of an aging singer who mentors a young singer-songwriter, A Star is Born thrives thanks to Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s impeccable performances. Yes mother monster herself is the star of this film, and she’s an utter revelation. A few years ago, Gaga was cast as the lead in the fifth season of American Horror Story, and I found her terrible in the role. It’s clear to me now that the scripts let her down because she is just exceptional here. She injects so much humanity and heart into the role of Ally that you can’t help but get invested in her journey. Amazing!

While Gaga will deservedly get all the credit, it must be said that Cooper is also brilliant. He gives a powerhouse performance as the aging (and always drunk) singer. In fact, his turn is matched only by his flawless direction. You would never think A Star is Born is his directional debut; the film is first-rate from a technical perspective, and he never loses sight of the heartbreaking story at its center. It helps that the movie’s soundtrack is also magnificent. Yup, almost every single song here is a winner, with genuine emotion stemming in every lyric and melody. Some of my favorites include: Shallow, I’ll Never Love Again, Is That Alright 


A Star is Born is an affecting and unforgettable love story that’s incredibly well directed, acted, and sung. A must watch!

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