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Mini Reviews – Week of October 1st

This week was severely underwhelming in terms of series, so I decided to group a bunch of brief reviews together since I was feeling uninspired.

The Good Place Season 3 Episode 3 – The Brainy Bunch


While this was better than the season premiere, I’m still somewhat underwhelmed by The Good Place this year. I can’t tell if it’s the Earth setting but this season is a lot less whackier than usual. It’s still entertaining for sure, but I want more forward momentum.   On the bright side, the cliffhanger is all sorts of exciting with Jane and Michael escaping Maya Rudolph’s judge.

Heavenly Quips

Trevor: (to Michael) Sweet outfit. Dick Tracy called. He said you’re a buttface and he’s been plowing your mom.

Eleanor: (to Chidi) Hey, teach, um, do you think, maybe, we could continue the one-on-one lessons on the side? I feel like last week, I had my own personal ninja master, and now I’m taking tai chi with a bunch of farting housewives.

Janet: what are you even doing in a bathroom? You’re a demon. You don’t need it.
Trevor: I like the smells. And I like putting my hands in the toilet so everything I touch gets a little bit of poop on it.

Eleanor: (to Chidi) I just don’t think the group thing is for me. I’m better when it’s one-on-one and we’re both looking at our phones and I don’t know the other person and we don’t talk.

Eleanor: (to Chidi) See, I just told you I don’t like talking. That whole thing could have been sent in a text that I pretended I never saw.

Nad Rating

Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 Episode 3 – Gut Feeling


While I love Grey’s Anatomy, this was just disappointing. Teddy is nowhere to be seen, Jackson has disappeared after a super random existential crisis, and I have zero attachment to Amelia and Maggie. The best part? Watching Alex take over as chief. The tension between him and Webber is pretty darn exquisite, and it’s the kind of fresh storytelling the show should explore more often. Focus on this please!

Grey Banter

Alex: I mean, this is gonna be weird, but I heard you wanted this job.
Webber: well, I offered experience, wisdom, countless hours in the OR, and not to mention that less tangible quality, which is that I know what the hell I’m doing.

Cece: Dialysis again? Maybe you could waterboard me or hit me with a lead pipe just to mix it up.

Webber: (to Alex) You’re gonna lecture me, Karev? I trained you when you didn’t know your ass from a scrub room.

Alex: (to Meredith) Listen, you know what? With everything and everyone that you’ve lost in your life, you have earned the right to pick and choose whoever you want to let in.

Cece: I want you to buy five great new outfits. Break the mold. Take chances. Make yourself ready for something new. You do me I do you. That’s the deal.
Meredith: Okay
Helm: I can come. Just, uh, in case you need an extra set of eyes. Or I can stay here and monitor Cece.
Meredith: Do that.

Must Download Tunes

Body Is Moving by Clair Guerreso

Hi-Lo (Hollow) by Bishop Briggs

Getting Started by Tommy Ashby

Nad Rating

This Is Us Season 3 Episode 2 – A Philadelphia Story


That makes three for three in terms of shows I love producing underwhelming hours. This episode has its moments (particularly with Rebecca’s gut-wrenching monologue to Randall about not being able to get out of bed in the morning), but the rest of the installment leaves a lot to be desired. While it’s cool to see American Gods‘ very own Yetide Badaki on the show, her subplot is messy and far from impactful. However, I’m all for Randall vs Kate taking center stage (as evidenced by that cliffhanger). Color me curious.

Triplet Talk

Toby: Some things are best kept between a husband and his wife and his Lyft driver.

Rebecca: Randall, it’s a struggle for me to get out of bed every morning. It takes every single ounce of energy that I have, and then I have nothing left for the rest of the day. Nothing. And I know that isn’t fair to you guys, but I can’t seem to stop it.

Nad Rating

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  1. I agree that The Brainy Bunch was an underwhelming episode of The Good Place. Hopefully, the ending will make things more exciting for next episode. I did find it funny and interesting how the show used certain real-life events as ripples of the experiment. And watching Janet struggle with being mortal was hilarious.

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